This Week in the Coffeeneuring Challenge: Guest Post Coffeeneuring

Coffeeneuring with Felkerino

I hope everyone is having a good time with the Coffeeneuring Challenge. I know I am.

As you know, I recently featured a guest post from Paul and Maureen of their recent visit to a Coffee Shop Without Walls outside of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Another coffeeneur and blog reader from Massachusetts, New England Bicyclist, was inspired to write his own “guest post” on his own blog, using the questions I posed (with a couple variations).

I thought it was brilliant! For those who are interested in doing so, I’m putting out a call to guest post coffeeneur using the questions listed below. You can guest post in one of two ways:

  1. either on your own blog; or
  2. by submitting a post to me using the questions below.

Cofeeneuring - bunny latte art

Bloggers: If you blog a “guest post,” please link to this post or let me know in a comment on this post and I will feature it in a roundup sometime next week (or so, you know how these blogging things go).

Non-bloggers: If you are not blogging but would like to guest post, please send me your writeup via the “Contact” tab or through my email. I’ll follow up with you for a photo or two in the event your guest post is posted.

Coffeeneuring and a scone

Okay, here are the questions, which are my questions adapted by New England Bicyclist, and adapted again by me. So meta!

Guest Coffeeneuring Blog Post Questions

1) Where do you live?

2) How did you decide to coffeeneur?

3) What bike are you using as your coffeeneuring bike? What makes it a good coffeeneuring bike?

4) Where did you choose to coffeeneur for this coffeeneuring trip?

5) Is the coffee shop beautiful and the coffee delicious? Tell us a little about your coffeeneuring locale.

6) What other types of riding do you do besides coffeeneuring?

7) What else did I forget to ask you that you want to share?

Send your write-ups my way sometime this week. Thanks, everybody, and keep on coffeeneuring!


  1. What if we work every day of the week? Can we choose a day to go coffeeneuring? I was supposed to have Thursday off but just picked up extra hours.
    Loving the challenge.


    • Best bribe! Great post, and can you believe I spent this entire time thinking you were on the western side of the state, i.e., Sioux City, but yet your posts were coming across like you were from another area… NOW I UNDERSTAND!


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