Errandonnee: Q&A Updates

Jesse's Surly LHT and Swift Industries saddlebag with the PDW taillight.
Jesse’s Surly LHT and Swift Industries saddlebag with the PDW taillight.

Hello, errandeurs, friends, and others. I have received a few additional questions about the Errandonnee categories that this post attempts to answer.

Remember, you can do the Errandonnee in 12 days or 1. Since the last day to complete the challenge is March 19 (midnight in your area), that means you still have plenty of time to throw your helmet into the ring.

I will also add these to the original Q&A so we have one go-to spot for all questions.

Q1. My only question is, pronunciation, when I tell friends what I am doing. Errand-O-nnee or Er-RAND-onnee?

  • A1. I have always pronounced it Er-RAND-onnee, but given that it is a made up word I think the first pronunciation is perfectly fine, too!

Q2. Can we submit a Strava map image in lieu of a ride photo?

  • A2. Yes, you can submit a Strava link, although a photo is preferred.

Q3. If I bike to where I planned to run an errand, but fail to actually complete the errand, does that still count? In my case, I went to a bike shop only to find that it’s closed all week.

  • A3. Yes, you can still count it, provided you documented it.

Q4. Could riding to school count in the work category, or is it more of a Wild Card?

  • A4. Are you a student? If so it counts as work.

Q5. Will a bookstore work in lieu of library (if we go for “reading research”), or does that fall under “any store other than grocery store”?

  • A5. Library and book reading. 1. A book store cannot count as library, but as noted, as store that is not the grocery store.

Q6. The phrase, “also includes book reading” confuses me — does that mean that riding somewhere to read a book that I already have, could go under the Library heading?

  • A6. I had not considered this interpretation of riding somewhere to read a book one already owns. Yes, it qualifies. I will count it as a “Library Without Walls” library.

Q7. Could visiting a friend who’s going through, let’s say, a very tough time, count as “Community Meeting?” Or is the point of that category that more than two people are involved in whatever the event is (and that the purpose of the event is “bigger than”, or “outside”, those two people)?

  • A7. It would not count under Community Meeting. That is intended to be, as you suggest, larger than two people. However, you could count it as a Wild Card, OR if you visited and had lunch or breakfast or something, you could count it in the Breakfast or Lunch category.

Q8. Does daughter’s ballet class count as a community meeting?

  • A8. Yes, you may count it as a community meeting.

Any other questions, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list. And keep up the great tweets and blog posts!


  1. Hmmm. In the past, I put my dance classes as “personal care.” Is that fine, since I am taking part in the dance class and not just observing?


    • Yes. I was thinking that, as a parent, it really isn’t personal care so much as being around other kids and parents. Although you could also make the argument that your classes are a community meeting of sorts; I know some of my workout classes have definitely felt that way!


  2. Another question: how do you calculate distance with the way home when there are multiple errands involved in a single trip? I usually calculate distance from a to b as distance for b, and b to c as distance for c, but then what about the way home–does that also get folded into distance for c? Does that make sense? I can draw a diagram.


  3. I FINALLY got out to do some errandonneering today. I’m the Volunteer Coordinator for a huge event on Sunday and feel like my computer is glued to my fingers.

    AT ANY RATE, I was thinking in order to encourage people to think “multi-modal” you might want to include that as one of the ops next year. If I manage to do it this time, I’ll use it for my wild card.

    I do plan to use my weekend event for lots of entries as I’ll be riding all over both campuses to stamp out fires. We’ll have food trucks there so I think I can count some food, coffee, community meeting, and working my butt off (which after a winter of indulgence and ice needs that work)!

    Seriously, just wanted to say thanks for doing this again. It definitely shakes my winter lethargy. And this year I have new eyes so I can ride at night too!


    • Multi-modal definitely counts, but not as its own category. Rather, it can be used for any errands you do, but only the miles biked count toward the overall 30 mile requirement.

      I definitely want to rethink some of the categories so I am open to any feedback on changing or expanding them.


      • Ooh, good point about only counting the biking miles! The multi-modal can count for karma points. 😉


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