D.C. Randonneurs Wilderness Campaign 200K Brevet

A summary by the miles of the D.C. Randonneurs Wilderness Campaign ACP 200K Brevet.

Miles 1-40

Morning miles. Cold and sunny
Morning miles. Cold and sunny

Hand-throbs from the sub-freezing start.
I must take photos of the group in this beautiful morning light as soon as the hand-throbs fade!
I am riding a brevet.
I feel like an athlete!

Early miles outside Bristow
Early miles outside Bristow

Miles 40-70

Get it right, Felkerino!
Felkerino, doing his paperwork.

Did I say I was an athlete?
Totally not true!
I’m just on a morning ride to dine with my husband.
Yes, we take the scenic route and it requires a little paperwork, but really, just a ride to breakfast.
I love a bike ride to breakfast, and I love grits bathed in butter.

Randonneur meetup at the info control
Randonneur meetup at the info control

Miles 70-108

K/Curt and Matt
Kurt and Matt

We ride a few miles with Matt and Kurt, who have driven up from Harrisonburg, Virginia, for the ride.
Matt made his bike, and Kurt wears an Earth, Wind, and Rider jersey with a color combination I can’t stop admiring.
The day has warmed to sixty (sixty!) and the sun shines.
Who wants to hurry on a day like this?
We reach the info control at mile 78, and our friend Eric is there.
Matt and Kurt glide away from us, and Eric, Felkerino, and I settle into riding together.
It’s a fun day ride with bicycling buddies.

Another info control.. and Eric!
Another info control.. and Eric!

Miles 108-129

Eric in the last miles
Eric in the last miles

When did this ride start to feel like trudging?
I am trudging.
When will this ride end?
What happened to my fun day ride?
I have get-there-itis.
Yes, it is still warm.
Yes, the sun still shines.
Yes, Eric is excellent riding company.
Alright, it’s not so bad.
Even so, I still want to get there.

The Finish

We ride for pizza
We ride for pizza

We’re back.
We FINALLY made it.
Okay, it didn’t really take as long as I thought.
Felkerino and I chat with other riders outside the Caribou Coffee.
It’s so much fun to talk about events gone by and adventures yet to come.
We all swap stories and discuss big plans as the sun sets and riders come and go.

You, too, can lead the glamorous life of a randonneur.
You, too, can lead the glamorous life of a randonneur.

Thanks for the ride, D.C. Randonneurs. More photos here, and see Felkerino’s here.


  1. Looks great! A little bummed I didn’t make it out there – but I know I am not ready for a 200 km ride right now.


  2. You guys totally made my day when you showed up at the Chancellorsville info control! Great riding buddies, and even more importantly, great slogging buddies.


  3. Hurrah for a spring brevet! You two make this look way to easy. I went for my first group ride yesterday and pretty promptly got shelled out the back. Good motivation if nothing else. Thanks for taking us along!


  4. Great ride summary. I even recognized myself on one of the photos of the info control. Finally a decent weather to bike . . .i need to find some time myself and post my pictures with a short story . I was pleasantly surprised by the large group of riders


    • Yes, it was a big group! AND a perfect day to ride. I think the recent cold made me extra-appreciative of the warm weather on Saturday. I think I saw you at the end. I’ll have to say hey next time!


      • Considering my first 200 in January was like 16 degrees ,that was much needed. And yea, i need to introduce myself. I am sure we would bump into each other again ,as i plan on doing any ride i can finish this year 🙂


  5. Your description captures the day perfectly (even if my dining was a half sandwich on the 7-11 sidewalk) definitely including the slog!


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