Errandonnee Finishers Announced!

Surly LHT in springtime

Welcome to springtime, dear readers. At least, I hope spring has truly arrived. The flowers believe it’s here so that’s nice. Achoo!

Finally, the homologation has been completed (with a minimum of side effects) and it’s time to announce the Errandonnee finishers.

In 2014, 64 people completed the Errandonnee. Of these, 32 were women and 32 men. A 50/50 split!

Combined, 4,071’ish miles were logged in the accomplishment of various errands, which averages out to more than 63 miles per person over the 12’ish days of the Errandonnee.

Great job, everyone! More information about this year’s Errandonnee to come. For now I leave it at that.

Errandonnee patch

All finishers will receive an Errandonnee patch that can be ironed, sewn, or Shoe-Goo’d (in a well-ventilated area) onto many different things, including a saddle bag or pannier.

2014 Errandonnee Finishers

  1. Adam “Froggie” F. Norfolk Virginia
  2. Aimee M. Longmont, Colorado
  3. Amee C. Old Lyme Connecticut
  4. anniebikes. Burlington Vermont
  5. Astrid B. Lynnwood, Washington
  6. Becca C. Calgary, Alberta  Canada
  7. Beth K. Columbia, Missouri
  8. Bikesnick. McLean, Virginia
  9. Bill A. Witchita, Kansas
  10. Bill A., the ultimate coffeeneur. Beaverton, Oregon
  11. Brad S. Bakersfield, California
  12. Brommie S. West Chester Pennsylania
  13. Cathy L. New York, New York
  14. Charlie T. Arlington Virginia
  15. Chris G. Washington, D.C.
  16. Colleen S. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  17. Corbi B. Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
  18. Crystal B. Goleta, California
  19. Dani M. Washington, D.C.
  20. Darin G. Duluth, Minnesota
  21. David H. Kenmore, New York
  22. Debiguity D. Arlington, Virginia
  23. Ed Felkerino. Washington, D.C.
  24. Emily O’B. Medford, Massachusetts
  25. Enid K. Arlington, Virginia
  26. Eric P. (who named this challenge!) Takoma Park, Maryland
  27. Jeff G. Alexandria, Virginia
  28. Jess H. Worcestor, Massachusetts
  29. Jessie K. Portland, Oregon
  30. Jim B. Estes Park, Colorado
  31. Joan O. Arlington, Virginia
  32. Joe F. and the Instagrammed Errandonnee. Washington, D.C.
  33. Rootchopper! (exclamation optional) Alexandria, Virginia
  34. John R. Washington, D.C.
  35. Jonathon B. Suffolk, United Kingdom
  36. Jonathon P. Baltimore, Maryland
  37. mmmmbike! San Francisco, California
  38. Keith in Edmonton, Alberta Canada
  39. Kirstin “Ultrarunnergirl” C. Washington, D.C.
  40. Lena “Joyful Cyclist” V. Falls Church, Virginia
  41. Leslie T. Arlington, Virginia
  42. Lisa M. Takoma Park, Maryland
  43. Lisa “Rambling Rider.” Hyattsville, Maryland
  44. Lynne F. Portland, Oregon
  45. Madi “Family Ride” C. Seattle, Washington
  46. Nate N. Sioux Center, Iowa!
  47. Randy in Witchita, Kansas
  48. Rebecca C. Seattle, Washington
  49. Rebecca “Velovoice.” Bedfordhire, United Kingdom
  50. Ricky “Bike Every Day.” Silver Spring, Maryland
  51. Robert in Vienna, Virginia
  52. Sally “Town Mouse” H. Dumfries, Scotland!
  53. Sally H. Creswell, Oregon
  54. Sara S. Denver Colorado
  55. americancyclo“. Falls Church, Virginia
  56. Shep B. Arlington, Virginia
  57. Shoji. Arlington, the one in Massachusetts
  58. sprite. She did it for Rudi. Keep on healing, buddy! Washington, D.C.
  59. Ted G. Medway, Massachusetts
  60. Jimmy Phoenix. Manchester, England
  61. Tom H. Billings, Montana
  62. Vance R. Greensboro, North Carolina
  63. Vannevar. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  64. Vincent Z. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Congratulations to all finishers!

Note: If you think should be on this list, but are not, please send me a note via the “Contact” tab. Also, if there is an issue with how your name appears on this list, please let me know about that as well so that I may correct it.



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