Errandonnee 2015 Finishers and Honorable Mentions

The moment to announce the Errandonnee 2015 Finishers and Honorable Mentions is finally upon us! Thanks to all for their patience as I homologated entries.

This year’s edition of the challenge boasts 62 Finishers and 4 Honorable Mentions, including one Honorable Mention from Boston. Yes, that Boston, the one that received record-breaking snow this year.

Overall, errandeurs completed 804 errands and rode a cumulative 4,668 miles over the 12 days of the Errandonnee. That averages out to around 68 miles and just over 12 errands per person. Impressive? I say yes. Continue reading “Errandonnee 2015 Finishers and Honorable Mentions”

Errandonnee Finishers Announced!

Surly LHT in springtime

Welcome to springtime, dear readers. At least, I hope spring has truly arrived. The flowers believe it’s here so that’s nice. Achoo!

Finally, the homologation has been completed (with a minimum of side effects) and it’s time to announce the Errandonnee finishers.

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Errandonnee 2013: Finishers and Honorable Mentions

The time has arrived to announce the 2013 successful Errandonnee finishers and Honorable Mentions. Before I do, though, I just want to say what a fabulous time I’ve had getting to know all the errandeurs and getting to know a little bit of how you make a go of doing errands by bike in your town.

This challenge included the broadest geographic range of participants for any of the challenges I’ve hosted. People braved some stiff winter chill, wind, and even snow to complete the Errandonnee. Well done, everyone!

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The Magic Errandonnee Map and Other Important Errandonnee News

Surly and Pecan Pie

Today we’re back with Errandonnee news. Here is the exciting rundown:

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Utilitaire 12: Winners Announced! Finally!

The Utilitaire 12 was all about celebrating everyday errands and cycling trips. Utility cyclists have figured out ways to use our bikes, our legs, and our own steam to live various aspects of our lives, carry stuff from point A to point B, and get things done. I think that deserves some recognition.

People rode to haircuts, Goodwill, bike shops, the dentist, movies, museums, concerts, basketball games, the post office, FridayCoffeeClub, and libraries. They coffeeneured, lunched, dined, attended various volunteer and community meetings, and went grocery shopping. They even rode to bike rides (meta-utilitairing!). People took photos and diligently filled out paperwork.

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