Bikes and blossoms. Surly LHT

Present is a space I don’t occupy well, especially in the city.

My bike takes me places while my mind calculates where I’m going and where I’ll head next. Work. Appointment. Grocery store. Repeat.

I ponder the past. How did it go? What could have gone differently? The ride is a pass-through as my thoughts bounce forward and back.

Do you remember when I told you that I was sick of biking? I committed to 30 Days of Biking to see if I could change that somehow.

Surly LHT an blossoms by the Sculpture Garden

April has been a month spent shifting my mind to the present. I still come and go, but there is an added focus on where I am.

The mundane commute becomes a quest to discover something new to appreciate. Felkerino and I ride together. I welcome our morning conversations and our quick goodbye kiss.

The erratic spring weather surprises me each day, and reminds me that glorious warm days of summer are soon to follow.

Flowers and Surly LHT by the American History museum

I keep a watchful eye out for new splashes of springtime color. Longer days mean group projects with the sun to explore its long shadows and golden afternoon light.

The mind stops its whirring. All my senses open to the day, to the moment. As I rediscover the beauty of the urban everyday, I am present.


  1. Thanks for the reminder to “enjoy the moment”. It sometimes gets lost in the rush to be somewhere, or to do something. Riding the bike, or walking the dog, are great ways to just be in the present.


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