Springing Over the Edge


After a winter considered cold by many in the Mid-Atlantic—including me, who grew up in Iowa but has since become weak to the elements– Spring finally broke through.

Lo’ how great it was to see the browns and grays of winter dissipate, replaced with greenery, pastel colors of cherry blossoms and the vivid hues of tulips. Rides to and from work were easily completed in sunlight, and not just during the last rays of the day.

Temperatures rose enough to warrant stashing the earflap caps and lobster gloves. (Perhaps I speak to soon on this last one, but hopefully not.)

Days outside became irresistible, and Felkerino and I enthusiastically planned the weekends of April: a 300K brevet; two 200Ks; a century ride; and additional shorter outings.

Tandem down outside Shepherdstown

At about 800 cycling miles and 60 running miles in my legs, this is typical mileage for April. However, the colder temperatures from January through March meant more time spent running and less time ramping up on the bike.

This past week April’s ambitions all caught up to me and I got that old worn-out feeling from doing too much. Weepy for no reason. No pop in the legs. Fatigue oozing out of me. Agitated by things that normally don’t bother me much.

Having experienced this before, I was at least slightly better at recognizing the symptoms than in previous years, when they snuck up on me one by one as I tried to keep going.

This time, I took a day off from everything, rested my body, and slept as much as possible. It was a wonderful reprieve (and also rainy outside, so well-timed, too!).

In between naps I thought about how I had felt the need for rest coming, but did not heed it. Every sunny warm day of Spring required my participation. And if Felkerino was going riding so was I!

Gorgeous Spring days after months of riding around in layers and booties were too much of a lure for a couple of people that love to spend time together riding bikes. Too much for me as a runner who craves a weekday run to bring balance and outside air to my days.

It wasn’t the best training strategy, but since I’m not an athlete trying to make the podium I accept that. A few easy days are in order, and I’ll be back to it again. In return for a month of spectacular riding and outdoor time, Spring took me over the edge. It was worth it.



  1. That’s a remarkable way to start the cycling season, all in a month. I recall your post about using the 30 days of cycling to get back into enjoying commuting. The flowers and the out of town rides seemed to have helped you considerably!


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