Coffeeneuring Achievement Badges

Hi all. This post is for those coffeeneurs who ordered patches. The patches have arrived!

Coffeeneuring Patches

I will be sending them out over the holidays. If you think you earned a patch, there is still a small window of time to send your coffeeneuring documentation to me.

To all people who said they would snail mail, I have your cash or check in hand. Thank you! If you sent me a check, I will cash it this week, hopefully tomorrow.

Joe-coffeeneuring drawing
Joe’s Coffeeneuring Drawing

Coffeeneuring renewed my appreciation for snail mail, and the U.S. Postal Service made sure that every coffeeneuring envelope found its way expeditiously from Point A to B. Success.

One coffeeneuring envelope even contained coffeeneuring-inspired art drawn by Joe (1st time finisher) and Sally (2-time finisher)!

Sally's Coffeeneuring Drawing
Sally’s Coffeeneuring Drawing

To those who gave a little extra for the general Coffeeneuring Challenge fund, another thank you!

It’s been a wonderful coffeeneuring season. I hope to be back to the blogging soon, but the new job, new routine, holiday shopping, and other odds and ends have thrown me off my game for the moment.

Coffeeneuring patches

But I have been running, riding, even unofficially coffeeneuring, and I look forward to catching up with you all soon.


  1. MG – Thanks for pulling the coffeeneuring challenge together in the first place. I can’t imagine trying to juggle one’s normal responsibilities, a new job, and the holidays, and tracking completed coffeeneuring challengers all at once can be very comfortable. You can send my patch next year for all I care!

    Happy Holidays and, most especially, — Thank You!


  2. What great patches!

    Hopefully, the new job is going well and you’re able to enjoy a bit of the holiday season. Hang in there… a new job always takes a bit of time, but hopefully it is well worth it.


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