Errandonnee 2015 Update: Best Year Yet?

As I write, there is warmth in the air and light in the sky here in D.C. Lots of people were out and about this weekend, not only to celebrate the warm weather and the arrival of Daylight Savings, but to make inroads on their Errandonnee quests!

If you haven’t started the Errandonnee, it’s not too late. You have until the clock strikes midnight on March 16 in your area to complete 12 errands and ride a total of 30 miles in the process.

Are you on the fence about participating? I think you should go for it!

The rules essentially come down to this: 12 errands, 12 days, 30 miles, take a picture as you go, do a variety of errands on your bike. Or, you can also do an Errundonnee, which one of the writers on The View From the Crosswalk is in the midst of completing.

If you want to share your progress, here’s where the Errandonnee is being talked about:

  • Instagram: Use the hashtag #errandonnee
  • Facebook: I created an Errandonnee Facebook group. Submit a request to join, and I will add you.
  • Twitter: As with Instagram, use the #errandonnee hashtag to highlight your errands.
  • Flickr: A 2015 Errandonnee group exists for those who like to post on Flickr. Thanks, Rootchopper!
  • Blogosphere: Blogroll coming this week. In the meantime, please let me know if you’re blogging. You can tag your post with Errandonnee and use a Pingback (linking to the original Errandonnee post in your post).
Categories clarification:

Work or Volunteering: If you are a full-time student, you may count your ride to school in the “Work or Volunteering” category. If you are transporting a child to his or her school by bike, you may also consider this “Work or Volunteering” (it would also fit under “Personal Business,” too).

Category revision comments: One of the reasons the Errandonnee categories were changed this year was because people felt they should be broader, to allow for all types of errands, whether you are single, not single, urban, small town, retired, family biking, etcetera.

Also, some noted that many of the categories were store/consumption-oriented. I hope you find that many of these updated categories will allow you to complete an Errandonnee without feeling like you have to buy stuff. If you want to buy stuff, that’s totally fine, too.

Finally, people really seem to like the “You Carried WHAT on Your Bike?!” and I plan to do a special post about that sometime this week or so (blog time can be very elastic). If you have any photos you’d like to share for this category, please send them my way.

As before, I’m interested in your feedback about the categories and rules so if you see where any changes could be made to improve the challenge, please let me know.

Rules clarifications:
  • Does your bike have to be in your Errandonnee photo? No, but you do have to describe it in your final submission so at least one photo of your bike would be nice.
  • Do you have to take a picture while your Errandonnee is in progress? Ideally, yes. However, the point of the photo is to basically show us that you actually did the errand you said you did. And because sharing the photos is rather fun. That said, here is an example from None the Jess who found a creative way to show her outing, post-errand.
  • Can I do an Errundonnee, like Mark in The View from the Crosswalk? Sure!
The Errandonnee Lookbook

That takes care of all the bureaucratic updates. Now for some photos of what errands people have been up to. These are all pulled from Instagram. Updates from other outlets coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who continues to imbue the Errandonnee with a sense of humor,  creativity, and joy.


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