Day 9. McCall to Cascade: An Invitation to the Idaho Mountains

After days of roadside observation of the stand-offish peaks on our tour, Felkerino and I received an invitation to the mountains in the form of the Adventure Cycling Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route. And so we went.



Around ten miles of country farm roads outside McCall, the forest road took us into the trees and gradually snaked us up the mountainside to the Eagle’s Nest crest.


It was another day of refreshingly cool temperatures, especially at the higher elevations. Blue skies with a smattering of clouds.

No cars passed and we encountered only one other cyclist, who was in the final days of riding the entire Idaho Hot Springs route.


A steep switchback drop to the main road into Cascade followed our climb, but we took it easy– as much as we could while bouncing down the mountain– and Felkerino kept a firm hand on the brakes.


I had an urge to flop myself on the sandy Idaho gravel and embrace the mountain. If only my arms would reach. My eyes filled with tears and I may have even cried a little. Is there crying in bike touring? Yes, I believe so.


The weather, the views off the mountainside, pitch perfect climbing, the two of us on this solitary road, the readiness of our awesome Co-Motion Java tandem, and the solid conditions of the road. What more could a bike rider ask for?

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