Coffeeneuring Around the Blogosphere and the Destinations Map

More coffeeneuring is happening than ever before, and it’s a treat to watch and be part of it all. Coffeeneuring is fun for everyone!

If you are participating in the Coffeeneuring Challenge this year, you can enter the locations you visit in 2015 on the Communal Coffeeneuring Destinations Map, which the Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring maintains.

This link provides details with how to add your stops so you should do it! Those who previously had access to the map, should still have editing rights to it.

Two weeks down, and five to go. If you haven’t started the challenge, but want to do so, the good news is that you still have plenty of time to complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge!

Go forth and coffeeneur! Coffeeneuring in Brunswick
Go forth and coffeeneur! Coffeeneuring in Brunswick

Now onto the blog updates:

PhysicsGirl on the Loose not only got married, but she also coffeeneured. Congratulations!

Family Ride didn’t waste any time, and before the clock struck 1 a.m. on the first day of the challenge she had already gone coffeeneuring. It’s true!

Avid cyclist and repeat coffeeneur offender, Pedaling Nut, is back. Who can miss that signature green bar tape?

A Midnight Rider joins the challenge for the first time, does a training ride in the Northeast, and goes on location to Austin, Texas.

Rosie on the Move from Sonoma County, California, is back too!

I might need to brush up on my German. wome’n’roll from Berlin, Germany, is coffeeneuring.

The coffee shop without walls holds particular appeal for some. velocipedemusings is one of them.

Old and In the Way, a dedicated transportation cyclist, joins in for another Chasing Mailboxes challenge. Yes!

I first met Eileen On through the Errandonnee, and now she attempts to go two for two in 2015.

pasadena gina out of Arlington, Virginia, made a solid choice for her coffeeneuring, and visited Northside Social this past week.

Cascade Bicycle Club out of Seattle, Washington, is organizing coffeeneuring rides 

A few people on Bromptons this round of coffeeneuring. bikesncoffee borrows one for his second trip.

Where Are Mike and Sherry? I’ll tell you where. Coffeeneuring in Northern Virginia! Welcome back.

Another devotee of the coffee shop without walls and one of the inspirations for the “theme within a theme,” Urban Adventure League has already gone on a couple of outings.

One minute you’re not coffeeneuring. The next minute you are coffeeneuring! The View from the Crosswalk

Spinstah of Washington, D.C., went to Slipstream to coffeeneur and liked it. No doubt Slipstream’s coffee is delicious, but I still found the place too complicated.

Recycled and Recounted has designed a control card for the challenge. If you’re looking for a way to record rides, check it out.

Lucymonster of California, already has three trips down. AND she wears Nuu-Muus (i.e., the running dresses I love) to coffeeneur!

Carol’s Coffeeneuring Blog out of Bend, Oregon, rates all her destinations on a five-point scale with sweet little summaries.

I enjoy following anniebikes and her beautiful coffeeneuring mini-adventures. Vermont certainly sparkles in the fall.

Adventures With Nancy shows that you don’t have to drink coffee to complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge. She’s Teaneuring for the second year.

Coffeeneuring with Tom in Montana
Coffeeneuring with Tom in Montana

This guy. The Daily Randonneur ♥

Type 2 Clydesdale Cyclist is one of the Pittsburgh crew that’s steadily been growing coffeeneuring over the last five years (and is one of the original coffeeneurs).

Red Riding went to Pittsburgh’s coffeeneuring kickoff event at Thick Bikes. Go Pittsburgh!

Kent and Christine are coffeeneuring in their new home of Eugene, Oregon. Read all about it on Kent’s Bike Blog.

bikelovejones has a delicious setup on her Bridgestone coffeeneuring bike.

In an homage to a prior year’s coffeeneuring activity, Bike rides around the neighborhood interviews himself for coffeeneuring. I love it!

Lynne’s Mostly-Cycling Blog, who is one of the regular members of the Team Portland, Oregon Coffeeneuring Society returns for another year of riding and coffee imbibing.

Mikoglaces makes the rules seem easy, and breaks them down in his post. But like someone said, the first rule of coffeeneuring is that there are a lot of rules about coffeeneuring.

Melange goes with the “social coffeeneuring” as his theme within a theme. Welcome back!

BADD Cyclist is going on the Cascade Bicycle Club’s coffeeneuring rides. Will I run out of prizes? Stay tuned and find out!

If sdrtha completes the challenge, it will be the first time we have a finisher out of the state of Kentucky.

musically middlebrow thought she might not be coffeeneuring, but I’m glad she changed her mind!

The Interurban Cyclist chooses socks as a theme within a theme. Perfect for cyclists!

In For a Long Ride puts her coffeeneuring season as “seven weeks, seven rides to seven places on our Sevens!”

Oh Lavender Moon, I dream about your flourless chocolate cupcake. thoughts from this curly girl goes there as part of her “local places” theme within a theme.

Coffeeneuring with dogs? It’s happening with Tsuki and Kapua! Wonder what their drink of choice will be.

Anything but the car is back after a year off from the challenge. Nice to see you again!

No Spandex Required‘s coffeeneuring date falls to sleep on her. Must have been decaf.

No really, this is fun has the best macchiato ever!

“Sometimes, in the name of ‘The Cause’ sacrifices have to be made.” Kent Fackenthall coffeeneurs on the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday.


Coffeeneuring writing and riding is also happening on the Bicycle Life forums.

Coffeeneuring 2015. Day trips for coffee

From Massachussetts, Would you like to play a game? Good ideas do come out of Washington, D.C., now and then. Yes we do!

Deceiving myself: How I Used “Coffeeneuring” to Justify my Coffee Addiction.

I’m sure there are more, but I think this is a fine start. Let me know if I have any link errors. My staff sometimes make mistakes! 🙂 If I missed you, please advise me in a comment, or send a note. If you are waiting to write your own roundup post, tell me when you post it, and I’ll add it to my list.

Enjoy the weekend, all, and enjoy coffeeneuring!


  1. Despite being in direct conflict of the rules, I’m still trying to take part in coffeeneuring this year.

    I’ve been trying to cut down on my coffee intake, and have managed to limit it to two coffees a week: once with fellow cyclists outside on Friday mornings, and once more during the work week. Since I’m not going to start drinking coffee on the weekends and undo this work, and Fridays are awfully close to the weekend, I’m counting it. I also like the idea of documenting some of my rides through journaling, so I’m using this challenge as an excuse. I’ve called it my #fakecoffeeneuring (@cleaverr on Instagram)

    I’m submitting this just in case you consider counting it too. I’m rather enjoying it all regardless, so thank you for this challenge. I’m looking forward to reading others’ legit coffeeneuring escapades.


  2. Amazing how the Coffeeneuring community is growing and growing!

    I’ll be doing a round up of all my coffeeneuring excursions on my blog after the ‘challenge’ ends.


  3. Thanks for sharing the picture from that fun day in Missoula. Lets see, if I leave Billings right now and average 17 mph, I would arrive at Black Coffee in Missoula in a mere 20 hours, assuming only brief stops, and an easy pull over the Continental Divide.


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