Just In: Coffeeneuring Bandanas are Back!

The much-circulated rumors of the Coffeeneuring Bandana’s return are TRUE! As so many showed interest in bandanas, I’ve brought them back for 2018.

The fruits of this project are thanks to the work of Doug of Umbrella Works, who has created another stylish yet practical bandana that can be used for many purposes – so many that I’m not going to list them all. They’re just such handy items!

This year’s Coffeeneuring Bandana features a white design based off of the 2018 finishers patches screenprinted onto a navy cotton fabric. Bandana dimensions are 22 inches by 22 inches. Not gonna lie, they are not as soft as those from last year, but they are still quite nice and equally as useful!

There are currently approximately 150 Coffeeneuring Bandanas available for purchase. I’m selling them at $15 each to those in the U.S. and $21 to Canada. I’m not exactly certain what the total amount is to other places but I believe $25 should cover it. If you are outside of Canada or the U.S., let me know and we’ll figure it out. Prices cover your shipping costs as well.



You do not have to be an official Coffeeneuring Challenge finisher to order a bandana, but I’m placing a limit of two Coffeeneuring Bandanas per person for this run. If there is still significant interest we can do another order.

I’m in the process of ordering patches now, and will try to ship both bandanas and patches together. However, no guarantees, they may still ship separately, as I have bandanas in hand and patches are still in process.

So to summarize the Coffeeneuring Bandanas for 2018: very useful! White on navy design. $15 to purchase one in the U.S. $21 to Canada, and $25 to other places on Earth. Limit two per person. PayPal or venmo accepted. PayPal is the same = gersemalina “at” gmail.com. PLEASE note Coffeeneuring Bandana and your address in the notes. (If you are combining patch and bandana payment, please note that as well.) Once they’re gone, they’re gone… unless we order more.

Please enjoy, and thank you for making 2018 another great year for the Coffeeneuring Challenge! And send in those submissions if you haven’t yet!


  1. Hi Mary! I began but wasn’t able to finish the Challenge last year, but would still love a bandana; are there any still available? Cheers, Jaime


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