Theme for 2019: Seeking Possibility

Happy New Year, dear readers! It’s been a while. In case it hasn’t been completely obvious, I have not felt much like writing lately. Instead I used unexpected free time that I was dealt in January as a time to build my fitness (through running) and let go of tension (with lots of yoga classes).

In addition, I stumbled upon an intention for 2019. Cultivating an intention is a practice I’ve had in place since 2011, as it allows me to focus on developing particular aspects of myself, or to give my year some kind of shape. I’m sure I’m not the only one in my circle to do this so if you have a similar practice, I would love to know about it.

For me, this year began with a big shot of uncertainty due to the partial government shutdown – in my case, a furlough for more than a month. Momentum in my regular routine stalled, particularly after the holidays had passed, and I experienced a loss of control as I dedicated far too much time to reading headlines of the day.

I won’t go into detail about this time, but as a person who enjoys work, takes pride in the work they do as a civil servant, AND believes that this work has value, it was not a fun month.

The unexpected break also gave me time to reflect on the fortunate circumstances in which I found myself, and I encouraged myself to try to see the positive in these moments of somewhat-free time. I say somewhat free because we really did not know when the situation would resolve.

As I spent hours running, going to yoga, and growing physically stronger, I realized that this year is one where I’m going to seek possibility. When things look like they are not going my way, what can I learn? How can I find opportunity in my daily life? If something appears to be working against me, what can I pull out of it as a positive?

Approaching each day through this lens has already had a powerful effect. I find myself more open to the day and what it might bring. My running miles are way up, and I’m thoroughly enjoying each run. My yoga practice is developing and deepening, though still consistently humbling. As for riding? Well, I took a big break and I loved every minute of that break. I put my feet back on the pedals this month and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I hope to carry this intention to seek possibility throughout the year. It feels right for 2019. Again, if you are also setting intentions for your life in some way, I would love to hear about them. One of my goals for this year is to be better about writing back so please leave a comment and put me to the test!


  1. I haven’t cycled properly for 5 years and I stopped walking distances when my young dog unexpectedly died about three years ago. While I hadn’t put on weight I was aware that my muscle tone was going, and my diabetes gave me a bad year in 2018.
    One of my children gave me a book for Christmas: ‘Sod 70’! It is full of healthy ideas appropriate to my age.
    I decided that I will go through what may well be my last full decade as healthily as possible.
    I saw a diabetes consultant and was given a new drugs regime (easier than the last) and that is working wonderfully.
    I also hired a personal fitness trainer for 6 weeks to build my core strength. He has been very useful and I have bough a multi gym to keep working at two sessions a week.
    This is the last week with my trainer and I am rehiring him to teach me to run. I am aiming to be fit enough for the 5kms. I have never been a runner and have never run for pleasure. That, and some achey joints, might not allow running to develop very much but I am also doing short power walks once a week. Either 30 minutes or an hour to get my heart rate up. I have looked for urban routes that I wouldn’t normally use that give views of my small city that I haven’t looked for before.
    Yesterday, for a change, I walked 4 miles out into the countryside to a rural coffee shop. As I walked I mused on my last time along that route. It was on my bike.
    I really enjoy your blog. It is an inspiration so thank you. Be well and enjoy yourself.


    • Sounds like you are approaching the year full of energy and plans. It inspires me to read about the various ways you are putting your energy into trying new things and acting in a way that prioritizes your health!


  2. The last 3.5 years has seen a huge reduction in my physical activity with consequent loss of muscle strength and stamina. My intention for 2019 is to get stronger physically. I’ve just finished 6 weeks of bootcamp which has improved things a little. I’ll be building on that with a mixed program of swimming, weights and of course cycling.


    • That’s excellent! I’m intimidated by activities like boot camps, but have found that once I show up and actually do it that I’m glad. Good luck in growing stronger this year!

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