Coffeeneuring Challenge 2019 Prizes

Final submissions for the 2019 Coffeeneuring Challenge have begun to roll into Coffeeneuring Headquarters so it’s time to share some details about the finishers prizes for this year.

US Finishers Prize! We are mixing it up in 2019. This year’s premium for US finishers is a 40 mm (approximately 1.5 inches) enamel pin designed by Umbrella Works and made by Falls Creek Outfitters. These just arrived! See below for the pin design.

And here is an idea of the size relative to a human, in this case, me.

Everywhere Else on Earth Prize! Entries from all other places on Earth will receive patches in a similar style and size, again designed by Umbrella Works and made by Falls Creek Outfitters. The sample is below.

Cost. Prizes are $10 USD for everyone on Earth. This includes shipping.

The primary reason for patches as well as pins is due to the expense of shipping pins internationally. And as I said, we wanted to mix it up and do something new for this eight is great year!

You may purchase more than one pin or more than one patch once your submission is validated.

Payment may be sent by check, via Venmo, or by PayPal at gersemalina “at”

Socks update! Several people ordered socks, and I have about 15 pairs of L/XL remaining as I write this. I plan to send out the socks this coming weekend, so November 16 or so.

Temps are dropping, and two full weekends remain. Time to bundle up and roll your way across the 2019 Coffeeneuring Challenge finish line. You can do it!

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