Coffeeneuring Challenge 2021 Control Cards and Design Reveal!

The 2021 Coffeeneuring Challenge kicked off this past Monday, October 18 and the official season is now upon us! Many pedaled out early on their challenge pursuits, but if you have not, do not fret. You have plenty of time to cross the finish line.

Still wondering what this coffeeneuring business is all about? Click here for all the details!

Doug of Umbrella Works has created a bright and bold design for the c+1 edition of the challenge. I love it! Feel free to use the headers below for your Facebook banner or Twitter profile. Spread the joy of coffeeneuring!

Coffeeneuring Challenge Facebook Banner
Coffeeneuring Challenge Twitter Header

Doug has also assembled some handy control cards for individuals to track their rides. These are optional, yet handy and practical, and hearken back to a time when we used to use paper and pencil/pen (like when I took accounting last semester, very exciting)!

Below, you will find two versions of the Coffeeneuring Challenge control cards. The first is a full-size page for documenting your ride. The second is a two rides per page option. This is my first time uploading the control cards this way in WordPress so please let me know if you have any issues downloading them.

As always, thank you to Umbrella Works for the amazing work.

I hope you enjoy using these virtual additions to the challenge, and keep me posted on your progress!


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