Coffeeneuring Challenge: Magic Bonus Day November 21-27

Friends, time has flown and we now find ourselves at the end of the Coffeeneuring Challenge. A big thanks to everyone who has brought the challenge to life this year. Don’t cry because it’s ending, because I have a secret to share with you.

Did you almost make it but not quite? Did weather or some other life happening thwart your 7-brewvet Coffeeneuring Challenge quest? If so, then listen up! This year we are extending a magic bonus day between now and midnight in your area, Sunday November 27.

That’s right, a magic bonus day. Use it anytime this week for one magic coffeeneuring ride. Just let me know somewhere in your final submission that you used the magic bonus day provision.

If you don’t need a magic bonus day, then you can start your Always Be Coffeeneuring season, otherwise known as the rest of the year.

Coffeeneuring with the intern

More to come, but for now it’s time for you all to ride while we do some last-minute training with the intern!


  1. Hi Mary,

    Just to ask if you’re still accepting submissions for the coffeeneuring challenge. I know I’m way late, but I thought I’d ask. Thank you.

    In any case, I wish you a wonderful and prosperous new year! -Ana


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