Coffeeneuring Challenge: 2022 Submissions and Prize Reveal

Friends, we are in the thick of the 2022 Coffeeneuring Challenge, with three full weeks remaining to fit in your rides. Keep riding, you can do it!

We have also reached the point in the challenge where some coffeeneurs have completed all seven required brewvets and are on to c+1 bonus rounds.

Keep going, it’s a treat to see everyone out enjoying the beauty of fall with a beverage and perhaps a sweet or savory treat!

Photo: Collage Quilt by anniebikes


We have put together this Google form to collect official submissions this year. Click here to complete it once you are done with your seven official rides. (It should be easier than last year, thanks to user feedback!) Once you send in your form, you’re en route to becoming an official 2022 coffeeneur. For any issues with the form, please reach out via the Contact tab.

All who complete the form will receive a follow-up email after the challenge concludes noting two things: 1. whether the Coffeeneuring Challenge Committee has recognized them as official finishers, and 2. information about the grand patch prize.

Speaking of the grand patch prize, graphics designer Umbrella Works has created another beauty to commemorate year 12 of the challenge, evolving the finisher’s patch from last year and neatly encapsulating the flavors of fall.

Grand Patch Prize

Thank you, Doug and Umbrella Works for the great collaboration over the years with coffeeneuring!

As soon as I have final numbers on pricing, I will let everyone know.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, keep coffeeneuring, and let’s make it our best year yet!


  1. This was to have been my Coffeeneuring year but vertigo struck and incapacitated me. Such are the vicissitudes of old age. It is not for wusses, you know 🙂
    Never mind; next year!


  2. I’ve been meaning to tell you that the socks from a couple years back are still going strong and some of my favorites for riding and hiking!


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