Escape from the City: Weekend Bike Tour to Martinsburg, West Virginia

White Hall Road

Felkerino and I took advantage of the recently arrived summer weather and ventured out for a weekend bike tour.

Meeting House Road

We departed the District on Saturday morning and took a circuitous route out to Martinsburg, making sure we plodded a few miles through the Catoctins of Maryland. That was some hilly stuff. Overall, we rode 122 miles for the day.

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Two Day Tour! D.C. to Martinsburg, WV and back

Planning our escape

This weekend Felkerino and I rode with our friend Lane G. from our front door in the District to Martinsburg, West Virginia, and back. It was a great way to spend the weekend. I got to ride my bike for two straight days and never had to worry about carrying a card.

I enjoy the brevets. However, I also like to limit the “event” riding that I do because, for me, it can get restrictive. In general, I think that touring is my favorite way to ride.

That said, I don’t think I would appreciate touring half so much if I did not complete a Super Randonneur series. After the 600K, a 200K with a century chaser feels like a completely reasonable ride. Almost like we’re shortcutting. AND we can even start at 7 a.m. as opposed to 4 a.m. How civilized! Continue reading “Two Day Tour! D.C. to Martinsburg, WV and back”

The Tour that Keeps on Giving. From Harpers Ferry, WV – Home




Felkerino and I rode the final 50 miles of our fall tour today. Middletown, Virginia to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Tailwinds and more quiet back roads. Excellent views of the Shenandoah River. Easy rolling terrain, sun, and bare-legged riding. Yes! Continue reading “The Tour that Keeps on Giving. From Harpers Ferry, WV – Home”

Wild & Wonderful West Virginia RUSA Permanent

I am so lucky to live in Washington, D.C. Despite the large metropolitan area in which Felkerino and I live, we are a stone’s throw away from beautiful cycling (with mountains, yay!) on quiet back roads.

This weekend, Felkerino and I headed out to the Shenandoah and the mountains of West Virginia to work on our climbing legs. This particular ride was the 203 Kilometer Wild & Wonderful RUSA Permanent #713, designed by D.C. Randonneur George Moore.

Making the trip out was a bit of a haul (about a two hour drive), but the ride was stunning and lots of the riding was shady (always a plus  in the summertime). Here are a few highlights to share.

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All Commute and No Play Makes D.C. a Dull Place: Virginia Highlands Mini-Tour!

As I’ve previously noted, commuting is a great way to maneuver back and forth to work.  However, when my cycling consists only of commuting miles, it becomes a drag.  That’s why Felkerino and I planned a Virginia Highlands Mini-Tour for this past 4th of July weekend.  (Plus, Hains Point was closed so what else were we supposed to do?)

Our ride consisted of three days of riding, with the first and last day based on Crista Borras’s Devil’s Wicked Stepmother 400K Permanent ride. Crista’s short description reads that the route travels through “West Virginia highlands, Virginia’s Blue Grass Valley, Shenandoah Valley & LOTSA mountains.”

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