Devin’s Rivendell Quickbeam with the Double Top Tube

Every day I see a bike that attracts my attention.  If I can, I’ll try and take a photo of the bike or at least tell the rider, “Hey, I like your bike!”

Recently, Felkerino and I saw a bike that turned our heads so much we chased the rider down to find out more about it. We don’t normally chase down our fellow cyclists (so don’t be worried, fellow commuters!). However, when we saw this bicycle, we felt we had to seize the moment.

Devin’s Quickbeam at the White House Plaza. Note the double top tube!

While I took photos, Ed asked Devin the story behind his custom-painted 68cm Quickbeam. Apparently the frame had experienced a cracked bottom bracket shell, and he had returned the bike to Rivendell for repairs and a repaint. One of those repairs included adding another top tube to increase the stiffness of the bike. Isn’t it beautiful? I have a few additional pictures posted in my Rivendell flickr set.

Quickbeam, brass bell, and the Sackville bag

Thanks, Devin, for taking the time to talk with us about your Rivendell! It was a pleasure to see your bike out in the city.


  1. Great bike! Who’s the big goofy dude covering it up with his huge pants, though…?

    Other fun facts: internal hub and a drum brake/generator up front. It usually has some bangin fenders and a rack as well, but I’m keeping it lean for the DC summer.

    Thanks for making my lovely Quakebeam* internet famous. Let’s go on a ride sometime!

    * (because it’s huge)

    (PS: “Devin” is the correct [read: Irish] spelling. 🙂


    • Thanks, Devin. You look great on that bike!!! I edited the post accordingly. Let’s definitely go for a ride, and I love that you call it a Quakebeam!


  2. Very curious, did the double top tube make a difference in stiffness? I am also a tall rider and have been trying to find out if this would help but I can’t find any first hand info so far…


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