Bike and Roll and Pedicabs

Did anybody notice the awesome weather this afternoon? Tons of people were out, taking advantage of the afternoon sun and low humidity.

One of the groups that caught my eye was Bike and Roll, a bicycle rental outfit that takes tourists on bicycle tours of the city.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a large Bike and Roll group. Either I’m not looking at the right time, or the humidity has kept the tourists from wanting to hop on bicycles.

Bike and Roll by the White House

I like Bike and Roll. From the U.S. Capitol to the Lincoln is two miles, which can be a lot of walking for people. Bike and Roll allows people to easily maneuver the monuments, provides a guided tour for those who want it, and makes taking side trips easy.

Also, Bike and Roll makes people wear reflective vests when it’s getting dark, which makes these tourist groups easy to spot, and gives them an introduction into one aspect of what it would be like to be a randonneur.

Bike and Roll on the National Mall

The other group I noticed on the Mall tonight were the pedicabs, the motor-free bicycle taxis that pedal tourists around to various places in the city.

Pedicab Driver (wearing Vibram Five Fingers, too!)

I have never ridden in a pedicab since I’m usually already on my bicycle, but taking a trip via pedicab is on my to-do list.

Pedicab and the Lincoln(ometer!)

Friday, my good friend, you are here again! Enjoy the weekend, all, and I hope you have a chance to get out for some excellent riding or other activity.

Sunset View from Hains Point over Rosslyn and the Air Force Memorial

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