Flip Flop Commuters

There is a lot of controversy around the flip flop. Is there ever a time when it’s ok to wear them at the office? Are they appropriate for the Metro? Is there such a thing as a fancy flip flop? If you shouldn’t wear flip flops with your business clothes, are they acceptable as casual wear?

A study was even conducted after the rise of flip flop popularity, http://www.newsweek.com/2008/06/09/flip-flop-flaws.html, that explored the consequences of flip flops to people’s feet.

Recently, Felkerino said to me, “Gersemalina, you should do a post about bicycles and flip flops!”

“No way, Felkerino,” I said. “Nobody wears flip flops on their bikes. That’s crazy talk.”

“You might be surprised, Gersemalina.”

Flip Flops AND a Dress!

When I started observing my fellow cyclists’ footwear, I discovered that Felkerino was right!  There is a whole band of flip flop commuting cyclists.  They’re all over the place.

Not Just for the Beach

I was shocked.  I never considered flip flops on bikes. They seem

  • Too soft for the pedal stroke;
  • Too likely to fall off while riding;
  • Too likely to cause pain between the toes while pedaling.

How wrong I was. Some people love their flip flops and will wear them everywhere. Even on their bikes.

Flip Flops and No Hands!

A tip of the helmet to all of you, flip flop commuters.  I couldn’t do it, but somehow you have found a way to make it work.

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