Sustenance in the City

I had a great time hitting the Thursday evening Farmers Market by the White House. I was on foot, of course. Post-1000K walking, remember? Check out these awesome veggies.

The Beautiful Eggplant
Patty Pan Squash. I have no idea how to prepare this, but I’m going to learn because they are so beautiful.
Red Pepper, looking good.

However, I cannot live on vegetables alone. Fortunately, Curbside Cupcakes was at the Southwest Waterfront this evening to help me out.

Curbside Cupcakes was there as part of the 7th Street Landing project, which is featuring live music on Thursday evenings and Mobile Food Truck sustenance on Fridays. I think other stuff is happening, too, but my interests were focused on the food parts.

Cupcakes on the Waterfront. Look out for that boat, ahh!

It was a beautiful evening to dine and eat dessert outside. Felkerino was there, too. It’s always better to eat sweets with a friend. Cookies and Cream for him. Vanilla for me.

The four-day week brought the weekend along quite nicely. Yay! Have a great weekend, everybody!

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