My 2017 Errandonnee, or How I Turned My Bike Commute Into Every Category of Errand

This year I attempted both an Errandonnee by bike and one on two feet. I was successful in both, although it involved flexibility in interpretation of the already-broad categories, and almost all trips were linked to a commute. Having started a new job that isn’t as near to downtown and retail, I’m not passing the areas where I regularly run my errands, and I’m still adjusting … Continue reading My 2017 Errandonnee, or How I Turned My Bike Commute Into Every Category of Errand

Why Bike to Work Day Matters

I used to grumble about Bike to Work Day. “People don’t need a special day to ride their bikes. Every day you work could be bike to work day,” I would self-righteously think. “Bike to Work Day? You mean, Friday?”

My feelings about bike commuting were somewhat in the realm of  “Back in my day, I  walked to school in five-feet high snow drifts wearing sandals, and I liked it!” Silliness. Continue reading “Why Bike to Work Day Matters”

The Errandonnee: Ride or Run and Get Stuff Done

Hey winter, stop bossing me around. It’s time for a March challenge designed for the utility cyclist and transportation runner with errands to do, even during cold winter days– the Errandonnee! Continue reading “The Errandonnee: Ride or Run and Get Stuff Done”

Errandonnee 2015 Blog Highlights and Blogroll!

Four days and change remain for those on a quest to complete the 2015 Errandonnee. On March 17, the Errandonnee is over and you can cry into green beers and return to your regularly scheduled errand programming.

You will also be able to pedal down memory lane when the Errandonnee is said and done with the posts, tweets, and pictures from this year’s participants. Here are the errandeurs I know who are blogging: Continue reading “Errandonnee 2015 Blog Highlights and Blogroll!”

Errandonnee Rewind: @retrotwenty in Medway, Massachusetts

Before I announce the ultimate list of errandonneurs, I’m featuring @RetroTwenty‘s (Ted) excellent guest post of his Errandonnee. @RetroTwenty is a rider out of Massachusetts, a state with four Errandonnee finishers (good job, Massachusetts!).

As you will see in his post, Ted is fairly adept at securing bike parking, no matter where he might be. Here is his story:

I finally completed one of your challenges! I first heard of your blog during last year’s Errandonnee, which I tried but failed. I had the mileage, but not the number of errands – but I had fun, and I was hooked on both the challenges, and your blog.

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Errandonnee Roundup!

We’re well past due for an Errandonnee roundup, wouldn’t you agree?

The Cannondale tourer. Errandonnee to work
The Cannondale tourer. Errandonnee to work

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Winter Challenge: The Errandonnee, 2014 Edition!

@MrTinDC on the Brompton
@MrTinDC on the Brompton

Winter got you down? Craving the warmth of spring days? Feel down no more and hop on that bike. It’s time for a March challenge designed for the utility cyclist with lots of errands to do, even in winter– the Errandonnee!

The tweet version of The Errandonnee is:

Errandonnee: Complete 12 errands in 12’ish days and ride a total of 30 miles by bike between March 7-19, 2014.* 

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On Writing & Riding: Family Ride

Not having much familiarity with family biking (except for my own family bicycling tales growing up), I wanted to see how others made transportation cycling with kids work. Through last year’s Errandonnee I caught a glimpse into how Family Ride out in Seattle, Washington, does it.

Filled with stories that make it seem as though anyone can do transportation cycling with their kids, Family Ride has given me a front seat to seeing how family biking happens in an urban area and how it changes as kids get older. As time has passed, it’s been exciting to watch Family Ride’s children transition from spending their time on the back of the bike to riding independently. And, most exciting,  I also see the next generation of cyclists in action.

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Errandonnee Rewind: Eric P. of BikeDC Becomes a Utility Cyclist

As my blog staff compiles results, I’m taking a few posts to share some Errandonnee participants’ adventures who chose to share their stories, not through Twitter or blogs, but through their control card or narratives.

This week features BikeDC friend and errandeur Eric P., who tells a lively story of how the Errandonnee helped foster his transition to utility cycling and lessons learned along the way. Thank you, Eric, for your fine write-up and for letting me share it!

Bike Commute Corner

I am not a blogger and not much of a tweeter, so I did not document my 2013 Errandonnee as I went along beyond completing the control card and compiling photographs. However, as I completed the control card and compiled my photos I realized that the experience was a bit more than the sum of its parts and needed to be documented in a more thematic way.

By way of background, I am primarily a recreational cyclist. Most of my riding, and the focus of my riding, has been on weekend rides with friends and clubs. I backed into bike commuting as a way to keep in shape and squeeze a few more miles in, but I treated the commute like a workout, even using a fixie, and would not describe myself as a utility cyclist.

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Errandonnee, the Blog Victory Lap

I received so many great blog entries about people’s Errandonnees that I had to do one more blog roundup. Soon I’ll be back to announce the finishers and honorable mentions, but while I homologate results, check out these fine errandeur write-ups.

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One Final Errandonnee Tweetstorm

Because I loved them so. As always, thank you errandeur tweeps.

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Errandonnee Bloggin’ from the Errandeurs

A ride to dinner with friends
A ride to dinner with friends

I have been so inspired by all of the riding, errandeuring, blogging, and tweeting going on this past almost-fortnight (I like to refer to things like a major tennis tournament).

While I have not been writing as much these days, I have been immersed in perusing as much Errandonnee activity as I can. Today’s post features another blog roundup from the great errandeurs I’ve come to know through this challenge.

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Errandonnee: Give Me the Tweet and Nothing But the Tweet!

Alright then. All photos are courtesy of the errandeur who originally tweeted it. Thanks, tweeps!

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The Errandonnee and Simple Pleasures

When I was little, my sisters and I used to play a game we invented called “Sister.” Our variation of playing house, it entailed us making formal visits to each other’s bedrooms, speaking in what we imagined were elegant tones, and frequently employing the term “sister” as we conversed about the goings-on of our lives.

This game amused and perplexed my mother. “Why do you play the game Sister when you are sisters?” she asked us.

“Yes, we are sisters,” we said. “But Sister is when we are nice to each other.”


I thought about our childhood game this week as I followed the Errandonnee through tweets and blogs and read some of the comments about it.

How does the Errandonnee differ from everyday life? Why do errands have to become a contest?

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Errandonnee Musings: If One Errandeurs, But No One Blogs It…

Did it make a sound? Who can say? Just in case it doesn’t, I know several people who have dedicated time not only to errandeuring, but to writing about their experiences as well.

My favorite errandeur
My favorite errandeur

I am quite impressed with how quickly people are putting together their posts. They’re faster than a speedy roadie on a fenderless carbon frame. Whoosh!

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