I Have an Announcement to Make: Fall is Here!

The fine fall weather from Friday carried on though the weekend. Was it awesome or what?! I bet you went outside. Maybe I saw you. It certainly felt like every single person who lived in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area was taking advantage of the low humidity, cool morning temperatures that pleasantly warmed but never got hot, and savory sun. It was a great weekend to be outside.

Felkerino and I spent part of Saturday on an urban tandem coffee ride. It was, in a word, crazy. Our first mistake was thinking we could easily maneuver around the Lincoln Memorial. Ha ha ha ha! Not so easy when there’s a huge rally happening at the steps of the Lincoln. It’s even more of a slog when you’re full of opposing ideas about alternate routes, but glued together on the same bike.

We really need to pay more attention to what’s going on around here on the weekends. We did eventually get our coffee, though. See?

Felkerino and his hard-earned cup of coffee.

Sunday, we made it out to Marshall, Virginia and pedaled a 56-mile loop with our friends Lane and Ray. Our route included Chester Gap, which tops out at 1339 feet.

Evidence of our climb up Chester Gap.

This was our first scramble up a gap since the Endless Mountains 1000K. Oh, am I still mentioning that ride? Why, yes I am! Felkerino wrote a nice summary about our day on The Daily Randonneur, your source for exciting randonneuring news in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Even though fall officially arrived September 22, this was our first weekends where the weather matched the season.

We wore arm warmers!
And knee warmers!
Fall color peeked through the trees!
I put all my sleeveless jerseys in storage!

Time for arm and knee warmers. Exciting!
Fall color peeking through.

My full set of photos from that ride is here. Felkerino also has a set that is here.

Happy fall, everyone!


  1. i love this website bloggy thing!! nice photos, too…

    im off to ride from chicago to minneapolis tomorrow. maybe lane told you…i hope i can eat lots of ice cream in dairy country…


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