Metro? Sometimes, it’s alright.

Before beginning my commute Monday morning, I stepped outside, assessed the cold and wet, and resigned myself to a Metro ride. Bike riding? Eh, not this damp day, thanks. (Extra credit to all of you who rode, ok?)

After rushing past the Metro car doors before they could slice me in two, I snagged a seat next to a fellow commuter, and ruminated on all the up-sides of Metro transportation.

  1. It’s dry.
  2. No helmet hair!
  3. No car traffic.
  4. No helmet or ankle bands needed. (Though, sometimes, a helmet might be handy.)
  5. No drivers advising me to get on the sidewalk.
  6. No worries about sweating off my makeup (not in the fall, anyway!).
  7. I get to listen to the latest tunes I’ve purchased on my iPod. iPods are a definite no-no when I’m cycling. Of course, I only listen to music approved by Pitchfork, just in case anyone is looking over my shoulder to see what’s in my rotation. Brittany Spears? Lady Gaga? Not on Metro!
  8. Good people-watching!
  9. Social networking with fellow Metro commuters. Lots of people ride Metro. LOTS! Granted, no one even looked at me or uttered a peep on my morning train, but the opportunity was there!
  10. No changing clothes when arriving  at the office. I know, there are some riders there who wear their work outfits and don’t worry about changing, but I like to separate my sport clothing from my office garb.
  11. When my knee was bothering me and I couldn’t ride or walk to the office, Metro was a great alternative.

I would not want to take it every day, but I am lucky to live in a place where mass transit that spans a lot of areas in and around the city is a viable option for its residents. That said, I really loved my walk home. This cool fall air is just the best!


  1. You missed a miserable bike commute.

    I rode. Do I get a prize?

    How about some foot warmers? They will be useful if I ever feel my toes again.


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