Missing the Bike: Surly LHT Edition

Remember how I said I did not write a thank-you note to my Surly LHT and felt somewhat guilty about it? This week I unearthed this draft post from a fall trip to Knoxville, Tennessee. Bike love is everywhere! Enjoy!!

Surly LHT and the National Mall

I had a great week on work travel, but I missed my bike. So I wrote it a letter.

Dear bike,

I missed you this week.
I missed
moments on the National Mall.
panda shots with you.
swinging by the fish market together get dinner.
spontaneous post-work detours.
meeting up with Felkerino.
laps around Hains Point, watching the sunset.
seeing my fellow commuters and randonneur friends.
filling up panniers at the farmers’ market.
navigating through the tourists.
avoiding the squirrels.
the freedom you give me in the city.

I’ll see you soon, bike. Don’t forget about me.

All my love,

P.S. I know you are very dirty and that I need to wash you. I’m sorry and I promise I will soon.

The Surly LHT, looking out on the Potomac River


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