Back in the Saddle: 93-Mile Tandem Ride

Because we are wimps, Felkerino and I rode from home yesterday, rather than drive ourselves out to colder weather where our D.C. Randonneur buddies spent the day riding a 200K.

Crossing the Mall en route to Maryland

Our route started in D.C. and took us out through Potomac and around to Poolesville, Maryland. We then decided to be adventurous and take White’s Ferry around to Virginia and ride back through Leesburg and down the W&OD trail.

Waiting with the Cars at Whites Ferry
Felkerino, crossing the Potomac on the Ferry

I was surprised how brown the landscape had become during my time away (in sunny warm Florida!). The leaves are all down, and the fall color went with them. It definitely looks like winter now.

Except for all my whining about the cold, and feeling a little out of practice given my time away from the bike, I think we had a pretty fun ride.

One of our ride highlights was sharing some miles with a fellow randonneur on the W&OD trail. Excitement! His Trek 520, fenders, generator hub, and beautiful Berthoud bag caught our eyes immediately as we came upon him. As we rode by, Ed said, “Nice setup!” and I snapped a photo. It’s what we do.

Ahi and his Beautiful Trek 520 Setup

“Hey!” he said. “I know you guys. I read your blog!” Ahi recently moved to the D.C., area from Minnesota. He, like us, was out getting some winter maintenance miles. We talked randonneuring for a while and then parted ways. Great to meet you, Ahi, and I hope we see you again on a ride soon!

I also took a few moments during the ride to check out the captain’s zone. I would like to learn how to captain the tandem, although I am a little intimidated to do so.

The space is a little too big for me up there. Still, it was fun to test out even if we didn’t actually take any pedal strokes with me at the helm. Someday!

Full set of the ride here.

Hope everybody enjoyed some good riding Saturday. Or even Sunday if you have penchant for rain rides.


  1. Hi MG,

    It was great meeting both of you too! I look forward to riding with you guys again on one of the brevets. Perhaps I will bump into you again on another ride! It was fun chatting with you. Thanks for mentioning on your blog!

    Happy riding!


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