Holy High Winds, Batman!

Somehow Washington, D.C., avoided the predicted snow, and we got only winds. Wow! I’m glad we didn’t get the snow, but those winds. WOW! I love commuting during the holidays, though, so I happily hopped on my bike and made for the office.

Windy Day Panda

For much of the commute, my bike didn’t seem to want to ride with me. A lot of the ride was focused on keeping the bike upright, and being constantly at the ready for the next big gust. I’d liken it to riding a bucking bronco.

As I commuted this morning, the flags at the Washington Monument provided further confirmation of the blustery conditions.

Flags blowing away at the Washington Monument

The National Park Service must have decided the wind was more than the flags could take. On my ride home the Monument looked unusually bare.

Washington Monument, no flags.

Did you make it out today? If so, well done! I could only tolerate the direct to and from the office. But at least there was NO SNOW!


  1. I took the day off but just the thought of riding across the 14th Street Bridge in those winds was unnerving. It only happens a few times a year but the roar of the winds last night woke me up. Good thing they’ve calmed down for tomorrow.


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