DAR Constitution Hall, Robert Plant, and Capital Bikeshare

Tonight was so much fun! First, Felkerino and I saw Robert Plant and the Band of Joy (including two of my favorites, Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller) at DAR Constitution Hall!

Robert Plant and the Band of Joy

I thought the night couldn’t get any better, but I was wrong! Two blocks from DAR Constitution Hall is a Capital Bikeshare station. I found it via the Spotcycle application for Droid! Rather than wait for a cab or slog home on the Metro, Felkerino and I rode the Bikeshare home.

This was Felkerino’s first trip on Bikeshare! Because he does not have an annual membership, he paid $5 for a 24-hour membership. That’s still cheaper than a cab and comparable to the cost both of us riding Metro home. The CaBi ride was much less rigamarole than taking the train, as the nearest Metro station to DAR is several blocks away, our Metro ride would have required us to transfer to another line, and off-peak hours on Metro mean infrequent trains.

The temps were mild and the city quiet. It was raining, but nothing intolerable. Felkerino did a fine job maneuvering the lumbering three-speed machine. Twenty-five minutes after the show ended, we were home! So efficient!

CaBi by the Monument
A Quiet Rainy Evening on Capital Bikeshare

Robert Plant, Band of Joy, an evening with Felkerino, and Capital Bikeshare. Life is good!

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