Inclement Winter Days and Capital Bikeshare

When I looked out the window this morning, it didn’t look like a good day for bike commuting. Cloudy sky. Slush and snow on the sidewalks. I resigned myself to taking the Metro.

A gloomy morning in the city

En route to my station, however, I noticed that the roads were wet but clear, the rain/sleet/snow was not falling too furiously, and the temperature was mild. What did it all mean? Bikeshare!

Capital Bikeshare!

Lucky for me, a CaBi station is adjacent the Metro closest to me. I bypassed Metro and walked up to one of the bikes. I took out a rag to wipe down the damp saddle, put my key in to make sure the bike was in service, pulled out “my” bike, and rode away to the office.

My “real” bikes stayed clean and warm at home. As for me, the CaBi mudguards and chain protector kept my feet and clothes free from any water and road grit spraying up from the wheels. The sleet did sting my face a little, but it was still preferable to a Metro ride.

Another Bikeshare panda portrait

Snow began falling in earnest later in the day. Rather than deal with the congested streets and uncertain road conditions, I left Bikeshare for another day and enjoyed a snowy walk home.

I love Capital Bikeshare!

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