Bikes to Like: World’s Greatest Randonneur’s Sam Hillborne

Because I am surrounded by so much bicycling goodness, I’ve decided to run some Q&A posts on some of the bikes I’ve seen and admired in the D.C. randonneuring and commuting scene. The first post features the World’s Greatest Randonneur’s (WGR) bike.

WGR’s Hillborne

It’s a Sam Hillborne, from Rivendell. Here’s what WGR had to say when I asked him about his bike.

1. What kind of bike do you have?

I think a Samuel Hillborne, but next time I ride it I’ll make sure.

2. Where do you ride it?

Mostly in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Once a year it rolls into North Carolina, buts it’s dark and I don’t stay very long!

3. What do you like about your bike?

I can ride with fat tires and full fenders!!!

4. Fenders or no fenders?

If I didn’t have full fenders how would I express myself artistically with my rockin’ mudflaps?

(c) Bill Beck
(c) Bill Beck
(c) Bill Beck
(c) Bill Beck

5. Does your bike have name? If so, what is it?

My bike gets called names at times! Think of the 7 dirty words. But I’m starting to like Sammy. Ok, from now on I’ll call my bike Sammy.

6. What is your favorite accessory on your bike and why?

My Bell. I like to ring it after getting to the top of a long climb. It also reminds me of Susan, my significant other, since I stole the bell off her bicycle.

Riding the Hillborne

8. What did I forget to ask that you want to tell me about your bike?

Yeah, bike questions are boring! I always wished someone would ask me questions like: What is you favorite movie and why? Answer: Jaws. Captain Quint is my randonneuring hero. If someone is lucky enough to ride with me in the middle of the night on a 1200k, I will entertain them with some of the best lines from the movie. “We’re going to need a bigger boat!”

One last look at the Hillborne

Thanks, WGR!


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