D.C. Commute Smells: the Fish Market

I’ve posted various photos on this blog of scenes from my commute to give a window into what my commuting life in Washington, D.C. is like.

Some things, though, defy visual depiction. The Southwest fish market is one of those things. I pass the fish market almost daily.

Fish Market, aerial view
Felkerino at the Fish Market

That said, try never to go by the fish market on a hot summer morning before work. Or maybe you should go, just to get a sense of what I’m talking about. The morning smell of hot rancid garbage and fermenting fish is one you won’t soon forget.

It’s one of those smells that make you take an involuntary step backwards (or shock you out of pedaling) and say to yourself,

“HOLY COW! Did that really smell as bad as I think it did?”

And you take another whiff to be sure the smell horrified you as much as you thought.

“HOLY COW! Yes, it did!”

Then you heave all your weight onto the pedals and exit the area as quickly as possible wondering how something can possibly smell that bad.

The fish market is a fun place to visit, and I am a loyal customer who has enjoyed many delicious pieces of fish from their vendors. If you are ever in the area, it is a must-see spot. But it has a morning summer scent like no other I’ve experienced since moving to Washington, D.C. HOLY COW!

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