Hot in the City! Commute Wrap-Up

Holy hot sauce, Batman! It’s been a steamy week in the city, and I confess that I focused much of my energy on gym workouts and a pokey pace to and from the office. Here is a rundown of the week in a few photos. I dusted off my art bike, the Dahon Hon Solo, and rode it all week. Felkerino rode the Bleriot. The Dahon is a lovely bike for hot summer days. No pressure to go fast. No room to carry much stuff. No confusion about what gear to pedal.

Dahon Hon Solo and Rivendell Bleriot

One day this week I rode home in a dress. I would have changed into commuting clothes, but I didn’t feel like taking the extra time. Instead, I threw on my Sidi’s and ran out of the office.

Dress and Dahon Hon Solo Panda

How about those Sidi’s and that dress? I like that combination, and don’t understand why more people don’t wear Sidi’s at the office. 🙂 As I rode home, I remembered that I prefer unfettered commuting. Shorts and a t-shirt, that’s the life for me, AND I don’t have to dirty up my office clothes by commuting in them. The next day I rode in shorts and a t-shirt. Yay!

Single Speed Commuting on the Dahon

Felkerino and I got our Paris-Brest-Paris t-shirts in the mail this week. Now, we have to ride it. Can’t wait!

Felkerino and the PBP t-shirt

By Thursday it was steamy hot! Here is a shot of the Lincoln from Thursday morning’s commute. Only one tourist! That’s not a usual occurrence here, but the heat pushes people off the streets and into the air-conditioned Smithsonian Museums.

Lonely tourist at the Lincoln

Not everybody went inside, though. I saw several people dipping their feet in the Boy Scout Memorial Tribute Pool. As an added bonus, I never knew what that pool was until I took a picture of it today and decided to find out. This place is teeming with memorials. Have you noticed?

A relaxed moment by the Boy Scout Memorial Tribute Pool

Suddenly, it was Thursday afternoon. Almost Friday! That made me smile. I stopped at the White House Farmers’ Market, picked up some peaches and fresh bread, and that made me smile even more.

Fresh peaches and it

The heat may not abate, but I’m not letting it keep me from pedaling my bicycle. Did you have a good week? I hope so! Stay hydrated, all, and I’ll catch up with you soon.


  1. The good news is I avoided the heat of my bike commute. The bad news is that I did so because my back went haywire last night so I stayed home from work. All was well until an hour ago when our AC died. I’d much rather be riding my bike.


  2. The Hon Solo is a sweet little bike. You don’t see that many of them (well, they only made 500) but it is a nice, elegant and simple folder. And I can see how it would be a great choice on these steamy, sticky days.


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