Weekends are for Coffeeneurs

The Coffeeneuring Challenge is in full swing, and coffeeneurs everywhere are rising to the occasion. If you haven’t started yet, stop fretting. You’re not too late! You still have four full weekends to complete the challenge of riding your bike to 7 coffee shops.

Coffeeneuring enhances math skills

Some of the coffeeneurs are blogging about their adventures. Of note, George Swain in New York state has been doing a fine job of 1. coffeeneuring and 2. documenting it. Want to read about it? Of course you do. His accounts to date are over at the Hudson Valley Randonneur.

Over in Maryland, Mike Binnix has been doing his coffeeneuring in between visits to his kids’ colleges. I like it! Commitment and coffee exploration at its finest. Read about it on the Chesapeake Sailor blog.

And here in the District, reader and coffee drinker John has taken up the challenge, too. He puts in a plug for October coffeeneuring and says nice things about The Daily Randonneur and me. What’s not to like about that? Read about it on Porta-John (not sure how I feel about this blog title. It’s oddly randonneuring appropriate.)

Romulus at Chinatown Coffee Co.

As for me, I spent the weekend with my French press, though I did go for a 36-mile cookie ride. Yum! I also took my fall cycling wardrobe out of summer storage. Maybe that will make the temperatures warm back up.

Have a great week, everybody. Here’s to some good fall riding and coffeeneuring.


  1. Coffeeneurs everywhere, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains. Thanks for the mention, MG. I’m already scheming on my next event. Just like randonneuring only caffeinated. Wait a second, randonnneuring is plenty caffeinated.


  2. AWESOME idea. My bike riding is always fueled by caffeine.

    Tomorrow morning I’m riding to a Cupcakes & Coffee tasting at Roast House Coffee, owned by a friend of mine who roasts and pours awesome farm-to-cup brews.(Which you can buy online, by the way: http://roasthouse.net/products-page/. That defeats the biking-to-coffee part but you’ll never run out at home.)

    I’ll spread the #coffeeneuring love via @WomenBikeBlogs and @BikeStyleSpok. Love it! (And much easier, really, than #30daysofbiking, although I got through that successfully. With the help of coffee.)


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