Coffeeneuring: It’s both the journey and the destination

More cyclists than I realized have been out coffeeneuring in hopes of successful completion of the Coffeeneuring Challenge and some fine cups of coffee along the way. Who are these coffeeneurs of note? I mentioned a few of them yesterday, and I just found out about three more.

  • Steve in Wisconsin writes about his ambitious coffeeneuring ride to a latte at Firefly on his blog, Singularity. Nice Soma, Steve!
  • Pedal ‘n Purl coffeeneured over to Pound Coffee a couple of weeks ago, combining it with a visit to the recent National Book Festival. See her summary here.
  • Chris of Annapolis, Maryland, went to Java Divas (the names of these places are great!) and posted about it on Me, My Bike, and I.

You say you’re not a blogger, you’re a tweeter? Don’t be shy. Tweet about the Coffeeneuring Challenge using the hash tag #coffeeneuring. I love those Twitter hash tags!

Coffeeneuring is for tea drinkers, too!

Riding your bike to coffee. Coffeeneuring fuses the joy of the journey and the pleasure of the destination. By the way, there will be a (sur)prize for all successful coffeeneurs. More on that later! I’m off for a cup.


  1. Hey Mary — thanks for the mention, and for dreaming up this excellent challenge. The Soma also thanks you for the compliment; it’s mildly sentient and somewhat vain.


  2. May I make a pedantic request regarding the challenge? (Us lawyers can’t help seeking loopholes, so feel free to tell me to follow the rules that have alread been set out).

    Does Columbus Day Monday count as a “weekend” day if I promise only to do two rides that weekend –i.e., Saturday and Monday?


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