Weekend Roundup: Two Shorties, a 200K Brevet, and the D.C. Tweed Ride

If you were in the D.C. area over the weekend, you know that we had some choice cycling weather. A pinch brisk in the mornings, giving way to sun and warmth in the afternoon. Long-sleeve, no-jacket temperatures.

With weather like this, who can stay inside? Not me.

  • W&OD Trail Ride to Vienna, Virginia

Felkerino and I joined up with our friend Lane for an unscripted Friday ride. We departed D.C. just before midday and meandered down the W&OD to Vienna. Even though the fall color has peaked, there are still plenty of eye-catching hues on the trees. Fallen leaves are all around, adding to the seasonal beauty. (And I don’t have to rake them, yes!)

We also criss-crossed with the juxtaexposed bloggers on the return. They were headed out toward Leesburg, Virginia. They were stylish travelers, with a set of orange panniers on one bike and a VO front bag on the other.

Sadly, I was not quick enough on the draw to get a photo, but happily, they took their own photos and did a fine writeup of their W&OD weekend trip. Find it on their blog.

Pedaling down the W&OD Panda
  • D.C. Randonneurs Flatbread 200K Brevet

Saturday, Felkerino and I joined up with 79 other cyclists to participate in the D.C. Randonneurs Flatbread 200K. This was Felkerino’s and my first ride of over a century since the bike ride known as Paris-Brest-Paris. With a total ascent of less than 1,000 feet for the entire route, terrain is not the challenge. However, the wind can be and it definitely was on this ride.

Fortunately, though, Felkerino provided a ready draft for me, and we also had tailwinds for the latter part of the ride. I much prefer to deal with the headwinds on the outbound than the return, don’t you?

This ride offered up plenty of good cycling fellowship and more fall color.

Crossing the wooden bridge on the Flatbread 200K

The route also passed a divine bakery, called Dolce Bakery and Coffee Shop in Millford, Delaware. I had not wanted to stop, but Felkerino did. After I sampled a pumpkin bar, I realized the error of my ways. Best pumpkin bar ever (and pretty good coffee, too)!

Steve and the Rivendell at Dolce

We even passed by the Atlantic Ocean, woo!

Felkerino and me at the Atlantic Ocean in Slaughter Beach, DE, Photo by Bob T.

I met and even rode some miles with coffeeneur and randonneur Iron Rider, who put together an excellent blog post of his ride. He completed it on a fixed gear. Way to go, Iron Rider!

Although I have not met her (yet!), Lisa of the Rambling Rider blog was also there. This was her first 200K and she wrote about her experience as a first-time randonneuse here. Welcome to randonneuring, Lisa! Hope to see you on another brevet.

A combined set of Felkerino’s and my Flatbread brevet pics is on my flickr page.

  • Potomac, Maryland and the D.C. Tweed Ride

Sunday, we joked about going to the D.C. Tweed Ride. Ha ha ha! Can you imagine us going on the tweed ride? Even though I love reading about Tweed Rides and seeing the photos, it’s hard to envision Felkerino and me participating in one.

Ultimately, we decided on our traditional post-brevet coffee run out to Potomac, Maryland. Lots of cyclists (including D.C. Randonneur Jeff M.) were out and about on the colorful tree-lined roads. Gotta enjoy it while we can!

Capital Crescent Trail

In a strange twist of fate, we ended up converging with the D.C. Tweed Ride on our return route! I am not kidding! That was awesome and hysterical.

With both of us in Sidi’s, me in my wool Swobo and knickers, and Felkerino in his Canada Randonneurs jersey and Bicycle Times socks, it was quite obvious we were not part of their procession.

D.C. Tweed Riders on a Trek and Surly
A perfect day for the D.C. Tweed Ride
Velo Orange and tweed on the D.C. Tweed Ride

Felkerino suggested that maybe I fit in more than I thought, as I was wearing a tweed cycling cap, ha!

You will find more of our serendipitous D.C. Tweed Ride collision here. I hope everybody had a great ride. It was a lovely day for it.

So that’s it for this perfect fall weekend. One ride on the W&OD, a D.C. Randonneurs 200K brevet, a coffee run via the Capital Crescent Trail to Potomac, Maryland, and the D.C. Tweed Ride.

Up next: More Coffeeneuring Rewind!


  1. What a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed seeing your photos of the Flatbread and the Tweed Rides. Thanks for the shout-out! I hope to meet you at a future brevet!


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