Week in Review

Time for a mostly visual week in review. Can’t let all this vibrant fall pass without some photographic evidence.

Fallen leaves on the walk home

The slightly acrid smell of drying leaves, the cascade of leaves when a slight breeze prompts their detachment from the tree where they spent the summer. Delicious.

Another #CyclingCapTuesday (more fall leaves)

What can I say? I love Cycling Cap Tuesday! Even the stray leaves are trying to get a piece of the CyclingCapTuessday action.

Neverending road construction.

It’s not all paradise in D.C. Ha ha ha! Like you needed me to tell you that. Lots of construction projects have kicked in over multiple pulse points of my commute. I’ve figured out re-routes, but the ongoing jack-hammering, banging, occasional tar smell, and temporary banishment from my regular route has tried my patience.

Also, these ongoing road repairs don’t mesh with my ideal savoring of the sights and smells of fall while meandering peacefully around the city. It’s kind of a mess, and I hope the improvement projects are completed soon (and do, indeed, improve the city).

Korean War Memorial

My little iPod gave it all it could, but this photo still does little justice to the perfect golden tree canope of in the fore of the Korean War Memorial memorial. In person, it is eye saturating.

D.C. War Memorial

The D.C. War Memorial officially reopened on Thursday. I passed by during a lunchtime run. No one was there, this wreath the only sign of the day’s reopening ceremony. I am so happy about the restoration of this memorial; it sparkles now.

I hope everybody has a good Veterans Day.

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