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Friday Link Love: from Randonneuring to the Commute

CyclingCapTuesday photo by the U.S. Capitol

Another week has rolled by, colder temps have come to Washington, D.C., and all that fall color I raved about is quickly fading or finding its way into the street gutters. That’s ok; we were due, I suppose.

Several stories caught my attention this week. I liked them so much, I thought I’d pass along my week’s reading list to you.

Felkerino, 2010 PA Randonneurs Stillwater 200K


  • Joe Brown, a randonneur from Pennsylvania, was kind enough to let me feature him on The Daily Randonneur’s Rando Q&A. Good stuff.
  • Joe over at Mellow Yellow wrote up his Flatbread experience, A Windy Day on a Fixie.
  • Joe also has a recent post about his successful pursuit of 10,000 RUSA kilometers in 2011. How did he do it? He explains his methods in his story K-Hounding – the ongoing quest for kilometers.
  • Jack, a Severna Park Peloton rider, put together a good story about his first brevet at Putting it Out There. Title of Jack’s story? First brevet. Seems appropriate.
  • Have you seen this 15-minute PBP 2011 video, Towards the Ocean, by Pete Kelsey? I liked skimming through it. It also includes a dedication to Thai.
  • The Bike Show did a two-part podcast about PBP 2011. The second part includes interviews with Chris Ragsdale, of Seattle, and Judith Swallow. Pete Kelsey, who put together the Towards the Ocean video, is also featured. More perspectives about the PBP experience and how people approach a 1200K. You can find those (free!) via iTunes.



  • Girl on a Bike was one ride away from completing the Coffeeneuring Challenge when Halloween and goth costumes drove her to distraction. I’m categorizing that as an honorable mention. Her fine writeup and photos are shared on her post, Coffeeneuring.
  • Bikes/Bytes/Bites took the coffeeneuring spirit to Brisbane, Australia and wrote about it in Australia Coffeeneuring. Her photos of the adventure are here. At least nine shops visited, and two flat whites consumed. I’ve got to try one of these flat whites!


Almost time for the weekend. Let’s bundle up and go ride our bikes!


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