Friday Links from Here and There

Basil flower basket and flowers from Daily Rider D.C.

Can it really be Friday already? Yippee! I didn’t get to read as much as I wanted this week, but I did get to a few things I wanted to share.

  • Best Ride of 2011. The Bike Show wants to know what was your best ride of 2011 and what ride you are excited to do in 2012. Don’t be shy. Let the Bike Show know here.
  • The  Ride Report from Hell. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. RandoBoy captures the essence of sharing those post-1200K memories with another randonneur in his clever Ride Report from Hell video. A must-see.
  • Red Light Running. The WashCycle recently examined a study featured in the Atlantic about red light runners. Who runs red lights? Lots of people, cars, and cyclists. See WashCycle’s brief analysis here, with a link to the full report.
  • Gabe Klein, Tranportation Visionary. New City profiles Chicago’s Transportation Commissioner, who used to be the head of our very own District’s Transportation Department. Yeah, it’s a little long, but it’s a good profile of Gabe Klein, his work, and views on transportation. Click here.
  • Age and Fitness. SheBicycles celebrated a birthday last week. It prompted some contemplation about turning 51 and maintaining health and fitness. Does it make a difference if you work out and eat well? That reflection here.
  • A Cycling Snapshot. Remember There and Back Again’s call for weekend ride photos? People went riding, took pictures, and submitted their photos. 17 people from all over the world. It’s all documented in this post.
  • Randonneur Q&A. Before you power down that computer, why not make the jump over to The Daily Randonneur and read Vélocia’s Rando Q&A. You will like it!

Good luck to all the riders heading up to Woodbine, Maryland, for the D.C. Randonneurs Woodbine Wallop 200K. Tell Buffalo Road I said hello.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. The RandoBoy Ride from Hell video was fun. The WGR should have thought of using a deer leg when his crank arm broke on the Woodbine 200K a few years ago!


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