Weekend Bike Rides: Coffeeneuring, Cupcake Commuting, and a Noodle

Congratulations to all the people who ventured out for the decidedly difficult Woodbine Wallop! Something about getting up in the dark in sub-freezing weather and riding 128 miles with 12,000 feet of cumulative climb had me sleeping in on Saturday morning. You all are tough!

Felkerino and I chose more leisurely outings this weekend. Here’s the roundup.

Coffeeneuring with Felkerino

Coffeeneuring and a Miracle on Maine Avenue

Our Saturday took us to Boccato in Old Town, for a coffeeneuring meetup with our friend Lane. I had my first flat white (finally!) and it was incredible. Well done, Boccato. Felkerino and I both rode our Rivendell single speeds, and made our way out of the District via Maine Avenue.

The Maine Avenue reconstruction is nearing completion. It’s a Christmas miracle! Felkerino and I were able to take Maine Avenue both exiting and entering the city.

It’s taken months, but I think this project will actually improve bike commuting in this part of the city. The sidewalk is significantly wider, which has lessened the street real estate, but I’m hoping the narrower street means there will be only one traffic lane, which would leave ample space for cyclists to be on the road, too. Fingers crossed.

New and improved Maine Avenue in SW

Cupcake Commuting at The Sweet Lobby

Later in the day, I made a stop at The Sweet Lobby in Barracks Row to try their cupcakes. It wasn’t enough to coffeeneur. I wanted to cupcake commute, too. I ordered two, one vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing and another that was strawberry. As soon as I saw the box, I knew my cupcakes would be in trouble.

Sweet Lobby cupcake box. High on aesthetic, low on function.

The woman who helped me said that, even if the cupcakes did arrive home in a mess, they would still taste great. I appreciated her honesty, and after purchasing my treats I stuffed them into my Carradice.

Cupcakes in the Carradice. Good luck, buddies.

After a two-mile ride over the bumpy D.C. streets, I opened my box of treasure.

Sweet Lobby Cupcake Commute: One for two.
Strawberry cupcake, disheveled, but still quite edible

Not one to let presentation deter me, I proceeded to snack. The Sweet Lobby lady was right. The cupcakes were rich and satisfying. Feeling generous, I even shared (a little) with Felkerino.

Sunday Noodle Ride to Poolesville, Maryland

Since we only rode 20 miles on Saturday, we had to get out for a longer Sunday ride so I could burn off my Saturday cupcakes. I’m out of practice on these winter rides so Felkerino and I waited until the sun rose and the temperatures were above freezing before venturing out. We met up again with Lane and made our way out for coffee in Potomac and lunch in Poolesville, Maryland.

It was a pretty day to be out. Calm winds, bright sun and blue skies, and temperatures that eventually made it into the forties.

Sunday Ride to Poolesville

During the cooler parts of the ride (e.g., setting off again after having taken a break off the bike), I wore my Santa hat as helmet cover. I got a couple of “Hey, it’s Santa,” comments and felt totally complimented when a little girl told me that she liked my hat.

Our Poolesville noodle was nothing epic, just under 80 miles on familiar roads, but it was a good welcome to winter ride that hopefully toughened us up and acclimated us a little bit to the colder temperatures that I believe are here to stay for a while.


  1. Maine Ave has been part of my daily commute for years. I never thought in a million years they would ever make it nicer – it’s always been dangerous whether riding on the road or the sidewalk. Truly a miracle that they’re fixing it!!!


    1. I still cannot believe my eyes when I ride on it! Hopefully the new setup will control traffic better, or at least allow decent passage for two-way cycling traffic on the sidewalk. Fingers crossed!


    1. Hey, Tara, Ed and I usually stop at the Starbucks and I will often get a treat from Vie de France (I don’t have faith in their coffee, though). There is a Sprinkes in that complex around the corner from the Vie de France, but I have not tried their coffee (or their ice cream or pastries… yet!).


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