Link Love: Another Day in Paradise Edition

What fantastic weather this week. Made for some lovely night riding. The sliver of moon illuminated while you could still see its fullness in shadow, suspended over the Lincoln Memorial on a clear night? Stunning. I only took a photo with my mind cam so you’ll have to trust me on how gorgeous the scene was.

It's really the geese who run this town.

Things worth checking out on the interweb this week:

  • Bike Overnights. Adventure Cycling recently started a new section on their blog about short touring trips. I love bike overnights (though I frequently always forego the camping part).
  • One Day You’re a Diamond and then You’re a Stone. Tales from the Sharrows’s writeup one of his rides into work this week so honestly captured the conflicting sentiments that I, too, have about being a commuter and utility cyclist in the city.
  • Bike Racks were Made for Yarnbombing. Yarnbombing fascinates me, and this story from Streetcolor’s Blog of a recent yarnbombing of some bike racks outside of a coffee shop and the reactions it provoked made for a good read.
  • Justice in the Bike Lane. Sometimes cars don’t understand that bike lanes are for bikes and not for parking cars. This driver didn’t and in return he got a parking ticket, a nastygram, and eventually towed.
  • Bicycle Books Department. You might already know that the man behind Rivendell Bicycle Works, Grant Petersen, has a book coming out about cycling. In case you don’t, the Atlantic posted an excerpt about it this week. Coming soon to a book store near you.
  • Female Touring Cyclists. Skalatitude has a nice roundup of women who are endeavoring or have completed various extended bike tours. It always inspires me to see what other people are accomplishing by bike!

Have a great weekend! ❤

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  1. Well, I spent my morning until the kids woke up learning about Grant and Rivendell. Wow. I love what it’s all about. Thanks! No Swings cause I have to drop off both kids, but maybe next week.


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