What Makes Coffeeneuring Special, via the Coffeeneur Blogosphere

Ride your bike to coffee. The premise of the Coffeeneuring Challenge is a pretty simple one. 

Yet, the writing from the coffeeneuring blogs suggests there’s something about the two-wheeled journey to a coffee shop and the subsequent consumption of a hot beverage. Something worth writing about and sharing.

As I read through the posts, that vague something evolved into various themes, and I aggregated them into this list.

What Makes Coffeeneuring Special, via the Coffeeneur Blogosphere

  • The drinks you’ll drink, like this chocolate and honey latte that Iron Rider wrote about.
  • A quick stop at a fall farmers market, as told by the Hudson Valley Randonneur.
  • Fine fall views from the saddle. Keith’s Bike Blog has some nice pics from his first coffeeneuring ride.
  • Coffeeneuring outings shared with others, this one with a side of mistaken identity. Rootchopper shares his weekend tale.
  • Places that roast their own beans. bikelovejones’s first coffeeneuring trip.
  • Rides in the rain. It makes the coffee and hot chocolate taste all the sweeter. Right, Singularitas?
  • Chilly outings. Cruisin’ Downhill and Aerochick have the first stories of coffeeneuring at sub-freezing temps.
  • Clever coffee shop names and concepts, as recounted by Canadian coffeeneur, PhysicsGirl on the Loose.
  • Flèche-style meetups. Lynne’s Mostly Cycling Blog tells of friends riding from different places to converge at one.
  • Bicycle window shopping. Small Engine, Big Tank and Lynne are on the same coffeeneuring team. Big bikes, little bikes, Rivendell Atlantis and Bleriot. A Sweetpea. Ah, Oregon!
  • Exploring unfamiliar terrain with a friend and not getting lost.  LONGER BACA shares her coffeeneuring ride.
  • Public art encounters. Something most often found in the urban landscape, Type 2 Clydesdale Cyclist passed by quite a bit of it on his latest outing.
  • Tasty treats. In my opinion, a good scone is hard to find, but Choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tide found one.
  • Sitting out in the fresh air with a warm beverage. Suze, Cycling chose an outdoor table for one of her coffeeneuring visits.
  • Family coffeeneuring! fivetoedsloth makes it a family affair.
  • Finding ways to fit in a coffeeneuring outing amid life’s competing priorities. Three coffeeneuring trips so far for PORTAJOHN.

Perhaps not an exhaustive list of coffeeneuring’s pleasures, but it made me want to hop on my bike and head to the nearest coffee shop. Thanks, bloggers, for sharing your coffeeneuring reports with us.


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