Baseball Will Break Your Heart, but Coffeeneuring Won’t

What a weekend! The Nationals came so close, but could not eek out a place in the next round of post-season play. What’s a coffeeneur to do but shed a few tears, get on the bike, and go for a latte?

Next year, Nats

That’s what I did. Felkerino, Ultrarunnergirl, and Mr. Ultrarunnergirl coaxed me out the door. The sunny weather didn’t hurt, either.

We were not alone in our coffeeneuring pursuits. The Twitterverse was alive with dozens of people coffeeneuring here and there. After a while I lost count, so if you want to get a glimpse into what you missed, click on the Twitter image below.

Some rode 40 miles for their desired beverage, others closer to four. In the end, as long as the ride is over two miles round trip with a beverage along the way, it’s coffeeneuring. 

One of the aspects of coffeeneuring that I’m most enjoying is the photos. Coffeeneurs choose to capture their coffeeneuring experiences in many different ways. Here’s a good shot from grafxnerd:

@grafxnerd’s coffeeneuring photo

I hope to interview some coffeeneurs regarding their  photo taking strategies. If you are interested in being part of that post, please send me an email or get in touch with me via the “Contact” tab, and I’ll shoot you a few questions.

In other news, a flickr Coffeeneuring group now exists. If you are active on flickr, please feel welcome to add your coffeeneuring photos to the group.

I also took time this weekend to update the coffeeneur tweep list, based on people’s feedback. Currently, there are about 45 on the list.  If you are a coffeeneuring tweep and want to be added, please let me know.

In the off chance that this is the first time you’re reading about the Coffeeneuring Challenge and you wish you could participate, guess what? You are reading this in the nick of time. You can still successfully complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge if you begin this week! Details here.

Don’t worry, bloggers. I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m doing a separate blog update post in the next day or two. If you want to make sure I include your post, please contact me and send a link to your writeup.

I hope everybody is enjoying the challenge even a fraction as much as I am. Baseball might break your heart, but coffeeneuring is good at mending it.


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