Errandonnee 2013: Finishers and Honorable Mentions

The time has arrived to announce the 2013 successful Errandonnee finishers and Honorable Mentions. Before I do, though, I just want to say what a fabulous time I’ve had getting to know all the errandeurs and getting to know a little bit of how you make a go of doing errands by bike in your town.

This challenge included the broadest geographic range of participants for any of the challenges I’ve hosted. People braved some stiff winter chill, wind, and even snow to complete the Errandonnee. Well done, everyone!

Below are three Magic Errandonnee Maps to illustrate where Errandonnees occurred. (I am remiss in including Australia, but I will update the post soon, too, ok?)

Magic Errandonnee Map- United States
Magic Errandonnee Map- United States
Magic Errandonnee Map-Canada
Magic Errandonnee Map-Canada
Magic Errandonnee Map-Europe
Magic Errandonnee Map-Europe

In addition, this was the first challenge where not only adults participated, but kids errandeured as well (in the company of their parents). That was so inspiring, and helped me see how families make people-powered transit work in their everyday lives.

That brings me to the prizes.

All successful Errandonnee finishers earn an embroidered gold star patch. Yes, a gold star! This star can be ironed on to a bag, a t-shirt, or whatever other item you like.

Those who could not quite complete the Errandonnee for whatever reason, but put forth a solid effort earn an embroidered silver star!

Righteousness Points
Righteousness Points

Finally, some participants will receive a hearts patch representing Righteousness Points earned during the Errandonnee. The hearts recognize the challenge taking place over Valentine’s Day AND the fact that you deserve Righteousness Points. (Please note that the distribution of righteousness points is subjective, but is generally based on riding in inclement weather or weather that would make me physically uncomfortable to ride in.)

All kids who accompanied their parent during the challenge earn an Honorable Mention, and you will see them noted after the respective Errandonnee Finisher. All families will receive righteousness points because errandeuring as a family is extra awesome!

So as you can see, the prizes are sort of like the Olympics, yet different.

Gold Star

Errandonnee Finishers

  1. Bill A.  @tangobiker Portland, OR*
  2. Justin A.  @jdantos Washington, DC
  3. Alex B.  Longer Baca Washington, DC
  4. Tom B.  Madison, WI
  5. Crystal B.  Aesthetics of Everywhere Washington, DC
  6. David B.  db bicycles. Chicago, IL
  7. Chris B.  Lincoln, NE (Chris’s son Elliot rode several rides with his father and earns Honorable Mention as a result!)
  8. Bob C.  Windy Run  Arlington, VA
  9. Madeleine C.  Family Ride  Seattle, WA (Note: Her two children also errandeured with her for some rides so they earn Honorable Mention!)
  10. Barb C.  Bike Style Spokane  Seattle, WA
  11. Janice C.  Jchernekoff’s Blog  Lyon Station, PA
  12. Kirstin C.  Ultrarunnergirl  Washington, DC
  13. Kate D.  Washington DC
  14. Deb D.  Debiguity  Arlington, VA
  15. Jaime F.  @bogrosemary  Washington, DC
  16. Felkerino.  The Daily Randonneur  Washington, DC*
  17. Annie F.  Annie Bikes  Burlington, VT
  18. Adam F.  @ajfroggie  Washington, DC
  19. Rose G.  @rfglenn BIKESBIKESBIKES  Pittsburgh, PA
  20. Nate G.  Arlington, VA
  21. Adam G.  @GrafficRed  Washington, DC
  22. Danny H.  @BikeFortWorth  Fort Worth, TX
  23. Gray H.  Me and the Mundo  Ft. Collins, CO
  24. Glen H.  Sioux City, IA
  25. David H.  Chevy Chase, MD
  26. Enid K.  Biking Yogini  Arlington, VA
  27. Jesse K.  A Rebalanced Life  Seattle WA
  28. M.J. K. Cascade Bicycle Club Seattle, WA (M.J.’s two kids also participated on rides with her and thus, earn Honorable Mentions!)
  29. Bob K.  Robert Kerner’s Blog  Port Washington, NY
  30. Peter K.  Silver Spring, MD
  31. Patrick L.  pdlamb  Huntsville, AL
  32. Chris L.  Arnold, MD
  33. Lisa L.  @LL0505050  West Hollywood, CA
  34. Anders L.  Marsta, Sweden
  35. Will L.  Falls Church, VA
  36. Lisa M.  @LDMay  Takoma Park, MD
  37. Tracy M.  Tracycler (Fat bike alert!)  Lincoln, NE
  38. Sean Mc.  @SMcCarthyNBCT  Murrieta, CA  (Note: Sean’s son accompanied him on at least one errand and thus earns honorable mention.)
  39. Linda Mc.  The Surleigh Chronicles  Albany, NY
  40. Keith Mc.  tuckamoredew  Edmonton, Alberta Canada!
  41. Andrea Mc.  PhysicsGirl on the Loose  Toronto, Ontario Canada!
  42. Maija M.  @TheAirgonaut  Pittsburgh, PA
  43. Aimee M.  Froggy’s Hoppings  Longmont, CO
  44. Melissa N.  Mansker Upcycled  Anaconda, MT (Melissa’s daughter participated on several outings with her (in Montana no less), and garners an Honorable Mention for her efforts.)
  45. Trish N.  @WWJB  Mt. Rainier, MD
  46. Ted N.  @MrTinDC  Washington, DC
  47. Nathan  N.   Clodhopper Rides  Sioux Center, IA
  48. Joan O.  Arlington, VA
  49. Eric P.  Takoma Park, MD
  50. Jonathon P.  Baltimore, MD
  51. Scott P.  @SognRider  Seattle, WA
  52. Jean R.  @jerdlngr  Washington, DC
  53. Rudi R.  randomduck  Washington, DC
  54. John R.  Porta-John Washington, DC*
  55. Ken S.  Alexandria, VA
  56. Lisa S.  Rambling Rider  Washington, DC
  57. Ty S.  The Crazy Randonneur  San Francisco, CA
  58. B. S.  The Brompton Diaries  West Chester, PA
  59. George S.  The Hudson Valley Randonneur  West Park, NY
  60. Charlie T.  @chasthos  Arlington, VA
  61. Leslie T.  Arlington, VA
  62. Christopher W.  Christopher Walsh Photography  New York, NY
  63. Kelley W.  I didn’t know THAT!  Reston, VA
  64. Emilio Z.  @randoturtle  Alicante, Spain!

Silver Star

Honorable Mention

  1. Mike B.  @chespksailor  Severna Park, MD
  2. Vicki C.   Bicycles in Newcastle  Newcastle NSW  Australia
  3. Scott D.  Annapolis, MD
  4. Sally H.  Town Mouse  Irongray, Dumfries Scotland
  5. Brian U.  Blacksburg, VA

*Indicates completion of all Chasing Mailboxes challenges.

You will know if you received Righteousness Points if they arrive with your star. Once again, I want to let all the participants know what a great February I had. Reading your tweets, blog posts, and control card submissions reminded me how lucky I am to be a bike rider and to be part of the cycling community.

One more thing: If somehow I missed you, PLEASE email me or note it in the comments and I will update the results as soon as I can. Thanks!!



  1. Thanks so much for organizing this! I’d say inspiring so many people to get out and use their bikes more, and leave their cars at home, was a pretty righteous act itself.

    Hey! I think you need to award yourself a star!


  2. That’s a huge list! I honestly don’t know any one else that bicycles regularly where I live (other than my spouse). It’s so nice to feel connected to a larger community. Thanks for the challenge MG!


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