Coffeeneuring Challenge Update: Government Shutdown Rule

Today is the day! After another year of waiting, the Coffeeneuring Challenge begins again. Where will you ride? How will you plan your weekends to complete all seven coffeeneuring trips?

Coffeeneuring Challenge

Because the Coffeeneuring Challenge is a global phenomenon, but a Washington, D.C., operation (accept no substitute!) and many who coffeeneur are federal workers I am expanding Rule 3 as follows:

Rule 3: Only Saturday and Sunday rides qualify. Weekday rides are ineligible, unless one of the following applies to you:

a. You have a job that does not have a Monday through Friday tour of duty. In that case, your days off are considered your weekend;

b. You are retired, in which case you may choose the two days that you consider to be your weekend days for the sake of the challenge and stick to them for the duration; or

c. You are furloughed, in which case you may use weekdays to complete your coffeeneuring trips for a maximum of two trips per week until the furlough ends.

No other exceptions, unless you can make a convincing case for one.

Tandem coffeeneuring at Boccato

Coffeeneuring is an essential activity; riding bikes and drinking coffee (or other hot beverage of your choice) is a simple pleasure well worth our time to do.


      • If they trip, stumble and fall their way through the debt ceiling I may be in the same predicament as our retirement checks will be in jeopardy. Of course, the economy will implode anyway so…

        …but I’m going to do a Coffee Shop Without Walls just to make sure I remember how to do campfire coffee


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