Bloggin’ About Week One Coffeeneuring

Coffeeneurs like to ride bikes and drink coffee. Some of them also like to blog about it, and what follows is a selection of coffeeneuring write-ups from the the blog-o-sphere. Enjoy!

Bike Friday Coffeeneuring

Lanterne Rouge, a randonneur residing in Topsham, Maine, takes her first coffeeneuring trip.

Ted T. of Alaska, one of the original coffeeneurs, returns this year for more coffeeneuring fun. And this time he is writing about it at his new blog Banking Time. Ted made the most of his coffeeneuring in the original challenge by riding a different bike for each coffeeneuring outing.

Baltimore! Yes, Baltimore. This write-up made me want to visit Zeke’s Coffee.

Hello, Vermont! AnnieBikes is back from her recent GAP-C&O trip. What better follow-up activity than coffeeneuring?

Junetober coffeeneuring in Pennsylvania. Iron Rider and his wife return for another year of shared coffeeuering rides.

Family coffeeneuring to a Coffee Shop Without Walls! Five Toed Sloth ventures out for a pour-over.

Two double espressos coffeeneuring

No wool caps for Texas, but there will be coffeeneuring! Thank you, Old Guy on Two Wheels.

My home-state neighbor to the north, Minnesota, has coffeeneurs this year. Northwoods Trekkers do their first ride.

There’s also at least one coffeeneur in Iowa. Go Iowa! Four Quartets takes us out on a virtual adventure to a Coffee Shop Without Walls, and it’s lovely!

Non-essential coffeeneuring happening now in Virginia. Windy Run makes it out for trip two. And puppies! Great to be reading these lively write-ups again.

The man behind the Buying Beans Rule, Robert Kerner, makes sure to go out for a weekend ride.

After unofficially doing it all year, Cruisin’ Downhill is back for the official Coffeeneuring Challenge. Nice to see you again. On a side note, Cruisin Downhill also wrote a nice post about health and well-being a month or two back, if you have a chance to read it.

Coffee and a treat coffeeneuring

Last year, she was in Massachusetts. This year, Aerochick finds herself working, riding, and coffeeneuring in Penang, Malaysia.

Out in the San Francisco Bay area, regular reader and bicycle lover DummyDiva joins in the fun.

Running and Riding on Nuts and Berries is going coffeeneuring in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This shop looks so cute, and I love the last photo.

Oregon Coffeeneur Challenge alum Bike Love Jones returns for more coffeeneuring. Welcome back!

Coffeeneuring does not really run on Dunkin’, but it’s there for you in a pinch. Errantry coffeeneurs in Georgia.

#BikeDC’s Rootchopper takes the scenic route for his first cup. Well done, sir.

Quickbeam coffeeneuring

Severna Park, Maryland will represent. Another original coffeeneur, the Chesapeake Sailor, is doing the challenge again.

The giant rubber duck. Where else could it be, but Pittsburgh?! As Seen On My Bike goes out for a group ride to a Coffee Shop Without Walls.

Musically Middlebrow in Vancouver, Canada Seattle, rode to Starbucks for her first cup. Don’t believer her? She made sure to leave a virtual paper trail. Blog, Twitter, mapmyride, and photos!

Coffeeneuring in Finland! Yes, Helsinki, Finland! Read about it (if you can) at Hanna’s blog. And Hanna, if you are reading this, you interpreted Rule 8 just fine.

More Pittsburgh! Shank Rides Bikes is back, and she has a blog this time. An excellent entry about her solo ride to coffee and an apple-thing.

Who says you need more than three speeds to coffeeneur? Classic Three Speeds throws his hat in the ring this year. Very well-done latte art in this post, too.


Jack is his coffee shop name. Jacques is his real name. Jacques of All Trades is furloughed, but it won’t keep him from coffeeneuring in Washington, D.C.

Lynne F., who I have had the pleasure to actually meet in person thanks to randonneuring and coffeeneuring, returns to represent Portland in the Coffeeneuring Challenge. Glad you’re coffeeneuring again.

Hey, what is #BikeDC doing in a Pittsburgh coffeeneur’s post?! Rambling Rider makes a cameo appearance in Type 2 Clydesdale’s coffeeneuring outing.


  1. Coffeeneuring in Oregon has expanded beyond the Portland area — there is coffeeneuring in Eugene, the birthplace of two of the Chasing Mailboxes bicycles. A conspiracy of PDX-area and Eugene area coffeeneurs is hatching.


  2. Thanks for the shout-out. Coffeeneuring rocks and is much easier on me than Errandoneering (February in VT is cold!). Just got my friend’s photos from GAPCO ride. I’m so glad we finished just before the C&O closed down.


    • Your timing was ideal, little you knew it at the time. I have friends who are doing it now, and seem to be doing okay, although they are having to be especially mindful about water.


  3. Malaysia and Finland? You’re gonna need a bigger map…

    I didn’t manage to make it out last weekend, but I’ll make up for it. Yay for Thanksgiving and long weekends!


  4. Haha yeah we’re screwing up the nice map from last year.

    I’m hoping to get a few other folks to join me on coffee rides here as well.


  5. Greetings from Finland! 🙂

    At least at the moment, my blog is mostly in Finnish but I’ll write more in English during this challenge. So we’ll keep in touch – happy coffeeneuring everyone!


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