Furlough Daze in Washington, D.C.

I still find it hard to believe that it’s been over a week since the government shutdown began.

Are you there, Congress? It's me, MG
Are you there, Congress? It’s me, MG

After two days of riding my Bike Friday Tikit, I left it at the Dining Room Bike Shop for some derailleur work. The staff said they would get to it “sometime,” and since then I have been tooling around D.C. on the Rivendell Quickbeam.

On rare occasions I’ve pondered what I would do if unexpected time off came my way. I would go bike touring. I would spend every day going on a long run. I would finish all these neglected house projects.

Stopping by Jones Point Park, before the week turned rainy.
Stopping by Jones Point Park, before the week turned rainy.

Now unexpected time has arrived in the form of a furlough and I’m not doing those things I dreamed about. I have gone on a few longer runs of 10 miles, compared to my regular four-mile weekday loop and I’ve made it out for some day rides as you have seen.

Mall side streets are still closed
Mall side streets. Still closed

It’s difficult for me to fully embrace this “free” time because, like many I suppose, I worry about what Congress is doing, whether it’s making any progress to get our government running again and if so, when that will be. I have no peace of mind. Whoever thought I would be so impatient to go back to work?

Nevertheless, I still make sure to get outside. The air is cool. We’ve had rain the past two days. Is fall here to stay? I hope so.

Enid Haupt Garden
Enid Haupt Garden

The Quickbeam has been a fine companion on this week’s rides. One gear. Perfect fit. Spry feel. Simple functionality. I’m never taking functionality for granted again.

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