Coffeeneuring with Kids

As long as you follow all 19 rules, coffeeneuring can unfold in a variety of ways.

You can go it alone.

You may head out with a partner or a friend or two to keep you company.

Another palatable option is to coffeeeur with your kids, which several people have done this year.

Clodhopper Rides recently went out with the whole family to a Coffee Shop Without Walls.

Coffeeneuring with kids

Kidical Mass DC is coffeeneuring with kids. You know it!

Coffeeneuring with kids

Mother and daughter coffeeneur together. Jjjhatchard made one of her recent trips a joint outing.

New England Bicyclist went “familyneuring,” but the day was too busy to coffeeneur. What?! Fortunately, he made up for that the following week.

Coffeeneuring with kids

#BikeDC stalwart Rocketpress has been spotted on at least two outings with his little girl.


Florida randonneur and coffeeneur Paul R. rode with his daughter to a hot chocolate. It appears she thought it was alright.

Pittsburgh’s Dan B. has also made coffeeneuring a family affair, and they really seem to like it!

Coffeeneuring with kids

Will, whose guest post was recently featured, has coffeeneured at least once with his daughter.

Running and Riding on Nuts & Berries has mixed it up with solo trips and joint outings with her son.

Thanks to everyone who is coffeeneuring with kids. You are building the next generation of coffeeneurs.

Have you gone coffeeneuring with your kids? Please let me know!

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