Coffeeneuring Challenge Submissions Due Soon!

Greetings again from Iowa. It’s still cold here.


But this post is not about the weather, it’s about coffeeneuring! Specifically, I want to discuss the deadline for submitting your Coffeeneuring Challenge entries.

Coffeeneuring entries are due in my email in-box by midnight, November 25, but because I am running a little behind you may have until Wednesday, November 27, to make your final submissions.

Remember, if you did NOT complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge, but put forth a valiant effort to coffeeneur, you may submit the rides you completed to the “I Was Going to Complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge, but…” Honorable Mention category.

That’s all the news I’ve got. We’ll talk more soon, and thank you to everyone who has made the Coffeeneuring Challenge so awesome.

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