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PBP Memories: Drew Buck and his 1900 Peugeot

This week BBC News ran a feature about Drew Buck, a long-distance cyclist from Somerset, England, who is famous in the randonneuring community for completing Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) multiple times on vintage bicycles.

Drew Buck arrives at PBP. Love this shot. Photo by Felkerino

Drew Buck arrives at PBP on his vintage retrodrive Peugeot. Love this shot. Photo by Felkerino

The article prompted me to search through my own set of photos from the 2011 edition of PBP, and I realized that Felkerino I had the pleasure of encountering Drew Buck at various points throughout the ride.

Making his way to the start

Making his way to the start

Drew completed the event riding a 1900 Peugeot bicycle and wearing clothes representative of that time period as well.

The 1900 Peugeot at the finish of 2011 PBP

The 1900 Peugeot at the finish of 2011 PBP

Here is Drew arriving at the 90-hour start, where his presence caused quite a stir.

Drew Buck arrives amid a sea of modern bikes

Drew Buck arrives amid a sea of modern bikes

Felkerino and I watched him ride past as the 90-hour riders began their journey.

Drew Buck-PBP 2011

Because we opted for the 84-hour start we were able to take part in the 90-hour festivities as observers. Energy was bouncing around every corner of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines that day.

Drew Buck-PBP 2011

Drew Buck at the beginning of PBP

We crossed paths on Roc Travezel (Roc’h Trévézel!) as we were pedaling our way toward Brest and he was on the return. Brest is the midway point of PBP.

Drew Buck outside of Brest on PBP 2011

Drew Buck outside of Brest on PBP 2011

I was snapping photos of riders as we passed them going in the opposite direction and did not even realize that I captured Drew as he was remounting his bike.

Drew Buck-PBP 2011

Drew Buck and others (including Judith Swallow) at the finish of PBP 2011

I also have a few shots of him at the finish. Drew is looking away in this photo, but it gives you another idea of his ensemble. Avid randonneur and mile-eater Judith Swallow is also in the background of this shot.

And finally, a last look at Drew’s Peugeot after its long journey. Great job, bike!

Drew Buck's 1900 Peugeot PBP 2011

I was so caught up in my own ride and how Felkerino and I were doing during PBP that I did not give much thought to how cool it was to encounter Drew Buck at these various points. We just happened to cross paths with him at the beginning, middle, and the very end of the ride. Now I see these times again in my photos and it’s really quite amazing.

PBP was an incredibly intense experience. So much was happening, it was hard to soak it all in as one complete experience. I have loved the tangible memories of my photo sets because they have helped me unpack other moments from this great ride, like these of Drew Buck. Thanks for revisiting them with me.


    • Well done! The oldest bike I’ve ever ridden a populaire on is from the late 90s :). Yes, Drew Buck’s accomplishment is really quite incredible.


  1. The unidentified Frenchman in the UAF jersey with Drew and Judith is Dominique Lamouller, president of the FFCT, 10 x ancien du PBP Randonneur and several PBP Audax finishes. One of the many joys of PBP are the people sharing the experience with you.


  2. So nice that somebody is bringing back the vintage bike and clothing. And actually proving all the fancy riders that is not just what you ride or wear…


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